Mark Thompson PressPlay v2.0 2017 Video Marketing Software Launched

Mark Thompson, a professional digital marketer and software developer, announced a new software allowing the accessible personalization of online video players, the digital marketing optimization of both online and offline-video content, as well as many other features.

Professional digital marketer and software developer Mark Thompson launched PressPlay v2.0, a software allowing the customization of online videos to include calls to action, e-mail forms, branded watermarks and many others.

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Online marketing has seen an impressive growth over the past decade, with more and more businesses striving to leverage the immense marketing potential of the internet. Surveys show that roughly 95% of all clients have used online resources to find businesses and products, making online visibility a crucial factor for overall business success.

Unlike traditional text-based ads, online marketing is dominated by multimedia content. Surveys show that more than 80% of all clients prefer video to text ads. Furthermore, video landing pages have higher engagement and conversion rates, videos being used to collect e-mail data, promote products and many other marketing activities.

PressPlay v2.0 is a video player customization software allowing the user to easily personalize and share video content. The software is designed for digital marketing providers as well as online and offline business owners looking for a reliable video marketing tool for their website.

The software offers complete video player personalization, offering features such as opt-in form insertion, branded watermarking, call-to-action buttons, images and text, social share gates, video skin customization, playback speed adjustment and complete YouTube or Vimeo integration.

To increase the marketing effectiveness of online videos, PressPlay v2.0 also allows its users to add interactive questions that will affect the viewing experience and the following content. To enhance the video-watching experience, the software allows viewers to resume the video exactly where they left off, and it also pauses the video when it goes outside the browser’s viewing area.

Finally, through social media integration and easy call-to-action form insertion, PressPlay v2.0 allows users to develop solid digital marketing strategies through their video content.

PressPlay v2.0 videos can easily be integrated into a variety of platforms such as YouTube, WordPress and many others.

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