Mark Brown launches new website for supercar lovers

"Supercar2 Blog is focused on individuals who are petrol-heads and love exploring the internet about performance cars. Here they can get information about fast cars, buying tips, new launches and everything that the're looking for" says Mark Brown, a UK based entrepreneur.

Mark Brown, a UK based entrepreneur launches Supercar2 blog which is dedicated to individuals who are petrolheads and love performance cars. The blog will cover super and hyper cars as well as modded street cars. Not just it will provide knowledgeable platform to the readers but it will also keep them connected with the origin, history, present and even future of these massive cars. “The Supercar2 blog will be dedicated to people who love fast cars and want to read about performance automobiles, their owners and keep them updated with the news of these mean machines. The website will have comprehensive information related to new launches, history associated with supercars, car buying tips, general information, upcoming automotive technology and launches in the near future, and everything that people love reading about”, Said Mark Brown.

“Having a platform like this is what I always aimed for. For long I was working on this project and spent my time on planning, gathering a team of experts who can make this platform reach every single person who is passionate about sports cars. Being a fast car lover myself, I always loved reading about other people’s cars and projects. This in someway motivated me to provide an online platform to people where they can visit, read their favorite stuff, get information about Sports cars news and events, their history and other general information. Supercar2 is such a platform which involves a team of motoring enthusiasts, sports car photographers, news editors and experts who work hard to curate information and keep the readers updated and provide what they are looking for. At present we are also working on some research and content marketing work that will be utilised to make the platform more productive for its valuable readers and engaging audience ”, says Mark Brown.

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