Mark A. Simon Reports on Personal Injury and Workers' Comp Laws in Colorado

Victims often fail to understand how the laws apply in their particular case. Mark A. Simon is here to explain how the system works and how to best prove a claim, announces

Victims of a personal injury often find they are confused when it comes to obtaining compensation for their injuries. Several state laws apply to these cases, and the victim needs to be aware of each law to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve at this time. Mark A. Simon works with clients to establish a case that will hold up in a court of law while ensuring the victim is treated fairly at every stage of the process.

"For over 29 years, I have been one of the top Denver lawyers in the fields of Workers' Comp and personal injury. I truly understand the personal toll these cases can take; being a former nurse gives me first-hand experience other lawyers may not have. Don't hesitate to contact my office and set up a time we can meet and discuss your case," Simon states.

First, victims need to be aware of the statute of limitations for cases of this type. For a person filing a civil personal injury claim, the deadline to do so is two years from the date of the incident. However, if the victim is filing a case against a city, county, or Colorado state government, a formal claim must be filed within 180 days and the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the incident. A person who fails to meet these deadlines might find they can no longer seek compensation for the injuries and any damages resulting from the incident. Furthermore, those filing a workers' comp claim need to be aware of reporting requirements for an injury of this type, their rights and responsibilities, and the rights and responsibilities of the employer.

"It's Just Us Until We Get Justice! We understand that filing a Personal Injury, workers' comp, or auto accident claim can be intimidating, which is why our team is here to help. When it comes to worker's comp cases, there can be many parties for us to work with. Determining legal responsibility with a workers' comp case can be a complicated task and make your head spin. We take that headache away from you and ensure all steps are completed to move the process along," Simon continues.

Comparative fault also plays a role in Colorado personal injury cases. Victims need to be aware that they may be held partially responsible for the injuries they sustained. If they are determined to be at fault in any way, the settlement will be reduced by the corresponding amount. Courts in the state must apply this rule in any case involving negligence, but insurance adjusters may also mention the possibility of the victim being assigned fault when negotiating a settlement with an injured party.

"Our goal is to ensure you are treated fairly under current law, whether you are a victim of a personal injury or have been injured on the job. Victims need to focus on recovering from their injury rather than reporting requirements, the statute of limitations or comparative fault rules. We are here to work on their behalf, allowing them to achieve this goal," Simon declares.

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Mark A. Simon is a top Denver personal injury attorney and has been championing the rights of the injured for more than 20 years. Anyone who has a workers' comp claim, has been injured in a car accident, or has other personal injuries that need attention, needs help now! Mark can make it happen. Mark will personally handle each client's claim. Mark opened his law practice in 1990 and has handled thousands of cases ever since. His firm has historically obtained significant results for its clients including the $2,950,000.00 workers' compensation settlement which is believed to be a record for the State of Colorado. His experience as a workers' compensation, car accident, and personal injury attorney Denver has given him a reputation as an aggressive attorney fighting for the rights of his clients.

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