Marines Look To Incorporate New Laser Technology Into Their Training

Being able to identify distances and ranges is an essential task for Marines in training or combat. Recent laser technology advancements will soon aid them as there are plans to incorporate laser rangefinders into their artillery.

The brave people that serve in The U.S. Marines train for many years to improve their accuracy and lethality on the battlefield. Being able to shoot from long distances away is crucial for a Marine, as it is necessary for them to hit their target using fewer rounds. It is for this reason that The USMC find that laser technology incorporated into their rifles for combat use leads to faster detection of targets. Laser technology at first was designed for many sports activities, because knowing how far or close an object is serves great use. Laser technology will soon help Marines in the battlefield, as new artillery equipment is being designed for them to be used as soon as 2018.

Laser rangefinders measure distance by using a beam of light that is invisible, such as Oskiie’s Pro600 Laser Rangefinder. The laser light sent from Oskiie’s PRO600 Laser Ranges Finder is reflected back to it’s uncluttered and easy to read screen display. The Oskiie PRO600 Laser Rangefinder is useful for long range shooting, golfing, hunting, construction, surveying, and just about any other real life situation where finding accurate measurements counts. It’s handheld size measures 4.5”x3”x1.7”, making is easy to grip. It’s extremely lightweight and can be used for long periods of time since it weighs less than 1 pound at 6.526 ounces.

Oskiie’s PRO600 Laser Rangefinder is extremely accurate and can measure up to +/-1 yard of flags, trees, hazards, and other objects up to 600 yards with it’s leading Pin sensor and extended search seeker technology. It’s water resistant, and can be used in extreme weather conditions ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Oskiie’s PRO600 Laser Rangefinder includes a high quality carrying case with a belt loop, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, instructions, charger, and batteries. Oskiie provides a one year warranty for it’s PRO600 Laser Rangefinder. Should anything go wrong with it, the company will exchange it for a brand new one free of charge for 12 months.

Just as Oskiie’s PRO600 Laser Rangefinder helps a hunter, a laser rangefinder designed for infantry use will help Marines increase their shot accuracy and target aim from long distances away. The same sort of laser technology found in an Oskiie PRO600 Laser Rangefinder can be adjusted to suit the needs of a Marine so they can have the distance information to a location or target that needs to be engaged. Many other industries benefit from the use of laser rangefinders, and they are becoming quickly popular in activities such as golfing and hunting. The Marine Corps have openly said they desire small and light rangefinders for the use of their infantry squads so they can improve the process of artillery fire missions, and even air strikes. For more information about The Oskiie PRO600 Laser Rangefinder, please visit

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