Marijuana Legalization Progress: California Democrats Back Legalization In Party Platform

Corona, CA / Extreme Biodiesel, Inc. (XTRM) today announced through its wholly owned subsidiary XTRM Cannabis Ventures that California Democrats Back Marijuana Legalization In Party Platform.

California Democrats recently approved a party platform that includes a plank calling for marijuana legalization, marking a major shift for the state party.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported, state party delegates moved Sunday to adopt a platform that includes support for "the legalization, regulation and taxation of pot in a manner similar to that of tobacco or alcohol." The platform was adopted by a nearly a unanimous voice vote.

California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, formerly the mayor of San Francisco, made the case for the position change during the Democrats' 3-day convention in Los Angeles.

"It's time for all of us to step up and step in and lead once again in California, just as we did in 1996. We did just that with medical marijuana," Newsom said during his address at the convention. "But for almost 20 years now, we've sat back admiring our accomplishment while the world, the nation, and states like Colorado and Washington have passed us by. ... It's time to legalize, it's time to tax, it's time to regulate marijuana for adults in California."

Newsom further stated, "This is not a debate about hippies. This is not a debate about stoners. We can't diminish this issue or the people involved in this debate by belittling them and trivializing them. Let me be clear. You can be pro-regulation without being an advocate for drug use."

Marijuana legalization has strong support in California, with recent polls showing a clear majority of Californians in support of taxing and regulating the drug.

XTRM President Joseph Spadafore Stated "We are positioning ourselves in California for when recreational legalization eventually passes. We just closed on a 40 acre parcel with plans of developing a major Hemp and Marijuana Cultivation Facility. XTRM is also investigating commercial property for dispensary possibilities in Washington and Colorado."

Recent XTRM Announcement

XTRM today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary XTRM Cannabis Ventures has just closed escrow the 40 acre parcel in California with plans to cultivate Hemp and Marijuana as well as the construction of a massive indoor grow facility and container park.

XTRM Cannabis Ventures has plans to develop the 40 acres to accommodate up to at least five 20,000 sq ft warehouses for indoor marijuana / cannabis growth, 20 acres for outdoor Hemp cultivation for biodiesel, an industrial center to process marijuana / cannabis into smokeless products and a Medical Marijuana Container Park.

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