Marietta Residents Deserve Better Than One-Size-Fits-All Hearing Solutions

Keith Whitcomb brings his unique experience, coupled with his father Otis's 57 years of experience, to the table at Cobb Hearing Aid Services in Marietta GA. Better hearing through personal care.

Keith Whitcomb, GHAS, of Cobb Hearing Aid Services has brought a unique perspective to bear on the hearing aid industry, as a whole. Like his father, Otis Whitcomb, who started the family’s private practice only after working as a Staff Audiologist at the University of Minnesota Hospitals and a Director of Audiology at Utica Children’s Hospital, Keith is a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. Unlike others in the industry, though, he is also an experienced and dedicated musician. After attending the University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Music program and spending over twenty years on stage that Keith Whitcomb decided to put all of his passion and accumulated knowledge of sound mixing and recording to a specialized use as a licensed hearing aid specialist. Now, he and his father’s patients can hear the world in a whole new way.

According to Cobb Hearing Aid Services’ founder, Otis Whitcomb, Keith’s unique background as a trained musician gives him a “unique way of mixing sound for each individual patient.” Like his father, Keith believes that “hearing is an essential part of overall health and well-being. Hearing keeps you connected to your world.” He notes that “untreated hearing loss has been linked to other life-changing health issues such as depression, cognitive decline, and dementia,” and takes pride in putting all his knowledge of music and sound to good use by helping his patients combat those negative effects and find the best hearing aids in Marietta GA to suit their needs.

Keith and Otis Whitcomb have been providing dedicated audiological assessments, ongoing advice, and hearing aid services in Marietta for years. As a family-owned and operated business, Cobb Hearing Aid Services provides not just a unique perspective on sound and the environment but also a commitment to patient-centered care. Says Whitcomb, “Our goal is to help you understand how the auditory system works, as it relates to your hearing problems, and review the possible solutions.” Whether the Whitcombs are performing audiometric testing using pure-tone frequencies or performing hearing aid adjustments to restore a patient’s ability to understand speech, enjoy music, and appreciate the world around them, they will always put patients first.

Between them, Keith and Otis Whitcomb have nearly half a century of combined experience with helping patients find the right hearing aids to meet their needs. Unlike some providers, they will always take the time to help patients understand both how the auditory system works and how functional deficits could impact patients’ hearing before discussing possible solutions. Cobb Hearing Aid Services works with all the top manufacturers, allowing Keith and his father access to a wide variety of technologies, all of which can be personalized to meet an individual patient’s needs. It all starts with a full evaluation, but new patients don’t need to be nervous. They can take advantage of Keith’s unique experience and both the Whitcombs’ wealth of experience by getting answers to questions and playing an active role in finding the perfect hearing aids in Marietta for every individual patient.

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