Marietta GA Flu/COVID-19 Rapid Testing – Mobile Home Swab Service Launched

GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Marietta, available at +1-844-994-6633, has launched a new rapid test for both COVID-19 and the flu. It uses just one swab to test for both viruses.

The latest move comes as people across the US are confusing symptoms between the two respiratory conditions. The team states that this is a common mistake because they share symptoms and can be difficult to tell apart.

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When Marietta residents are feeling sick with a cold, and they suspect that it could be either the flu or COVID-19, they are encouraged to get in touch with GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Marietta. The new testing kit provides fast results, and allows for peace of mind and clarity.

Both the flu and COVID-19 typically see sufferers experiencing a sore throat, coughing, a headache, and a fever. Other symptoms could include muscle aches, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

The CDC explains that because some of the symptoms shared by COVID-19 and flu are hard to differentiate, it’s important to get tested when someone is concerned about their health.

Rather than having to visit a medical clinic in person or wait for an appointment, GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Marietta provides at-home testing for simplicity and convenience.

They take pride in offering responsive medical care and health services for patients in the comfort of their own home. This is especially important for improved health and safety during the ongoing pandemic.

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The mobile care providers offer same-day appointments, and the full range of services includes sports physicals, care for allergies and other health issues, and a variety of COVID-19 testing solutions.

Anyone worried about their symptoms and wondering whether it’s safe for them to leave the home is encouraged to get in touch with GoMed Mobile Urgent Care Marietta.

A spokesperson states: “GoMed Mobile Urgent Care has brought back the house call by coming to your home to see you when you need urgent care assistance. Don’t struggle to get an appointment or sit in a waiting room, our emergency room/urgent care trained providers come to you.”

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