Marietta GA Appliance Repair Company Says Costs Still Rising In 2021

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Around The House Appliance Repair company services and repairs major household appliance brands in Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell, Johns Creek, Alpharetta and North Metro Atlanta Georgia.

The family appliance repair company, Around The House Appliance Repair, is still experiencing an increase in telephone calls for appliance repair in Marietta GA concerning all types of appliance service on all major brands of appliances since the beginning of 2021.

The increase in both kitchen and laundry room appliance repair costs has been on the rise since the beginning of COVID19 starting back in the spring of 2020. The appliance repair company owns multiple appliance repair companies with locations in the North Metro area of Atlanta and has seen the increase in repair costs in their Marietta, Georgia location.

The company has recently noticed a spike in calls for all appliance repairs in the laundry room such as washing machines and dryers. Nick Stump, the owner of Around The House Appliance Repair says, ”Washer problems don’t occur on your schedule. It’s possible that when you start a load of laundry something may not seem right.”

Major home appliance repair issues can range from the very simple to the more complex types of repairs and everything in between. To learn more about some of the most common problems and repairs associated with major household appliances, visit: URL

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on all repairs, repairs of all major household appliances including, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators and ice makers, stovetops and ovens, and garbage disposals.

Around The House Appliance Repair’s secret to success is straight forward and simple, taking care of each appliance, whether it’s in the kitchen or the laundry room, with quality parts based on the specific manufacturer specifications and fix only what is needed.

Stump said, “It’s quite simple, the goal of every one of technicians is to listen to each and every one of the customer’s concerns. Then listen to the appliance and or look at what the appliance is doing that causes the customer concern. We then diagnose the issue, get the right parts for the issue at hand and replace them correctly and finally test for a complete and proper repair. That is what makes the customer 100% satisfied.”

An example of this in the laundry room can be with a dryer. Something as simple and innocent as might be as simple as changing the type of dryer sheets one uses can cause more lint to build up in the dryer vent hose. It’s always a good idea to have the dryer vents cleaned, however, sometimes it is necessary to replace the dryer vent hose which many times has been the source of house fires. More information is available about other types of appliance repair Marietta homeowners may find at:

Nick Stump and his technicians are always on the look out for an increase in data, checking to see if there is are more common issue that their customers appliance repairs have that are trending. Once identified they can reach out to their customers and let them know of preventative actions to minimize and/or even eliminate these repairs.

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