Marbella Real Estate Agency Sell Property Plusvalia Tax Expenses Report Launched

A new Marbella property sale tax report has been launched by Andalucia Realty. It focuses on what sellers need to deal with when getting rid of villas, apartments, and homes in the area.

Andalucia Realty has launched a new report focusing on selling a property in Marbella and what plusvalia tax means for sellers in Spain. Anyone looking to sell a property in the area will have to assume a series of expenses and taxes, and one of the primary elements is plusvalia.

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The site explains that Andalucia Realty is a leading real estate agency in the Marbella area that connects clients with a talented, professional and highly experienced team.

Andalucia Realty can help anyone to buy their dream home in Marbella or sell their property for great prices. The team strives to take care of its clients throughout every step of the home sale process.

Home sellers can get in touch knowing they will be dealing with a multilingual team who strive to offer the best service.

As part of this commitment, Andalucia Realty has launched a new report focusing on the expenses that people have to deal with when selling property in Marbella. While there is plenty of information out there for property buyers, there isn’t always much on how much sellers have to pay for each property.

Whether the seller is getting rid of an apartment, villa, or townhouse, it involves costs and taxes that must be taken into account. The report details that when someone sells their home, they must pay capital gain tax, the plusvalia, notary fees, and the cancellation of the mortgage if there was one in the first place.

One thing that some sellers don’t know much about is the plusvalia tax when selling property in Spain. This is a local tax charged by the townhall on the increase in the value of the property when it gets sold.

This tax must be paid within 30 days of the sale of the property. Full details of how to pay it and what this involves can be found on the URL above.

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