Marbella Property For Sale Spain Permanent Residency Application Report Released

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Marbella, Spain, expert real estate agency Andalucia Realty released a new report covering the essentials of how to apply for Spanish citizenship and permanent residence in Spain.

Andalucia Realty, a real estate agency in Marbella, Spain, announced the release of a new report on the most important aspects one needs to take into consideration when applying for Spanish citizenship and permanent residence in Spain. Since 1996, the real estate agency has been providing clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to find the property of their dreams.

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The newly released report by Andalucia Realty offers detailed information on how to apply for permanent residence or Spanish citizenship. Obtaini the Spanish nationality means that one will be able to live and work in Spain for the rest of his or her life.

If someone has been living or planning to live in Spain for a long period of time, it might be a good idea to become an official citizen of Spain by getting the Spanish citizenship.

According to the report, before applying for permanent residence and Spanish citizenship, a person must live in Spain for 5 years. In the case of a Spanish nationality application, the required time in the country is 10 years.

The report also notes that in certain circumstances, a person can get a Spanish nationality through marriage or birth. Specifically, one can apply for Spanish citizenship after just one year’s residence if they were born in Spain to legal foreign residents, if they marry, are a widow, child or grandchild of a Spanish citizen.

Andalucia Realty states that the fee for a Spanish citizenship application is between €60-€100, plus additional fees for using certificates and documents. Additionally, the applicant must pay a lawyer, if they use one.

A spokesperson for Andalucia Realty said: “Our highly qualified and multilingual sales team will be happy to attend your requests and will provide you with a professional and personalized service, doing their utmost to help you find the property that meets your requirements.”

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