Marathon Conditioning For Beginners Runner Improve Speed Course Launched

David Bird, the office manager who translated his training into a third place finish in the Edinburgh Marathon, has launched a new training program for runners to improve. It helps them train smartly to achieve better conditioning and speed.

A new marathon running improvement site has launched offering tips, strategies and guidance on how people can improve their conditioning and speed to run faster for longer. Marathon Time Breakthrough is described as the ultimate running blueprint, offering a five step system created by a 45 year old office manager which helped him to finish third in a major European marathon less than six months after his first ever attempt.

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On the Marathon Time Breakthrough site, visitors can learn a range of tips to improve their marathon efforts. These include nine fast start secrets that can help to secure success before serious training is undertaken, and 21 proven sessions to improve motivation and overall fitness.

The site states that participants in the marathon training course can get access to an exclusive COSSET sequence that will help to stop them overtraining and hone in on precisely what they need to do to improve their fitness in a contained and beneficial way.

The course was created by Dave Bird, who used the techniques to run in the Edinburgh Marathon, which is the second largest marathon in the UK, as a 45 year old office manager who had only started running significantly earlier that year.

He states that the effects were so beneficial to his running that he created the exact system he used to achieve his Edinburgh success, so that other runners can benefit from his expertise to improve their own fitness and speed.

Dave goes on to state that by achieving a smarter approach to training, the marathon runner will be able to achieve better times and enjoy the marathon more, getting a more rewarding experience overall. They will be able to overcome major performance barriers, whether it is a busy lifestyle or a lack of training knowledge, to achieve success in whatever marathon they choose to run.

He explains that whether he is coaching people in person, hosting video calls with clients, or providing tutorials online, he focuses on key information that provides clear direction rather than fluff that could be misconstrued.

Interested parties wanting to improve their marathon running, conditioning and speed can get in touch by calling +44 (0)7824 661038.

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