Many Yogis Are Geared Up For International Yoga Day

Hundreds of thousands of yogis plan to take part in International Yoga Day 2017 all over the world. A Soul Obsession Yoga Mat provides a durable foundation for people looking to exercise on a slip free surface.

Los Angeles, California – June 20, 2017

International Yoga Day is Wednesday June 21, 2017. This is a day millions of people all over the world will practice yoga to improve their physical condition and achieve their inner peace. This event continues to grow in popularity each year in cities such as New York City, Austin, Texas, Hong Kong, London, Seoul, and many others.

The founder of Soul Obsession Yoga Mats, Max Rivadeneira, believes yoga is key to staying healthy, and helps people connect, focus, and increase mindfulness. His yoga mats are eco-friendly, and made from natural tree rubber. Rivadeneira states, “Unlike many of the mats in the market, our mats are super absorbent. The more you sweat, the better the grip gets. They combine a microfiber yoga towel on top, and a natural tree rubber anti-slip bottom.”

Soul Obsession’s is a 68 (in) x 24 (in) x 4 (mm) thick yoga mat, and features a shoulder strap making it easy to carry. Rivadeneira further added, “The cool funky designs are changing the face of yoga. No longer are people limited to pink, blue, or black mats. Soul Obsession Yoga Mats color your space, and we want people to absolutely love their yoga.”

People that have already tried out the Soul Obsession Yoga Mat online say they are superior when it comes to the traction. The company designed them to prevent slipping, and to be used in all yoga practices. One reviewer of the Soul Obsession Yoga Mat stated, “The colors and patterns are beautiful. It worked well at straying dry as it got saturated.”

Over 180 countries are participating in the International Yoga Day 2017 including The United States, Pakistan, China, Hungary, and Singapore. Many cities all over the world have already begun celebrating International Yoga Day 2017 last week. Yoga enthusiasts dressed in white and performed various yoga moves at yoga events held across the world. In New York City last year, thousands flocked to Times Square for the all-day yoga event, as many of them believe yoga is the best way to calm the mind and exercise the body. Find more details about the Soul Obsession Yoga Mat on Amazon.

About Soul Obsession:

Soul Obsession is based out of Miami, Florida. The company’s Founder and CEO is Max Rivadeneira. He hopes his mats bring attention to the ongoing wildlife and water crisis happening today around the world. With a yoga mat purchase from Soul Obsession’s Wildlife Collection, a 5% donation will be made to The WILD Foundation works to protect wildlife and the environment through its many global projects. With a purchase from Soul Obsession’s Spiritual Collection, the company will donate 5% to These proceeds will go to protect and save lives by bringing water and sanitation where it’s needed the most.

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