Many Sellers Fail To Find Success With Amazon FBA Says Consultant

An Amazon FBA Consulting Company says many sellers are struggling to sell their products via the Fulfillment by Amazon Program, and says that sometimes all it takes is a small change in their marketing efforts to stem the tide of poor sales.

Since the appearance of the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Program, thousands of companies have taken advantage of the power of Amazon’s platform to sell billions of dollars worth of goods.

The Fulfillment By Amazon program is where a company sends some (or all) of their inventory in to an Amazon warehouse and lets Amazon handle the selling, shipping, and customer service for that product whenever someone makes a purchase of that product on the website.

While many companies have achieved great success selling on Amazon, others have not.

When asked about why Mad Progress Marketing started this new Amazon FBA Consulting Service, owner Kurt Simula had this to say:

“Mad Progress Marketing has been helping clients achieve success with their marketing efforts online for years with website development, PPC advertising, Local Marketing and more, but have discovered there is a lack of understanding of what it takes to have success selling on Amazon, particularly via their FBA program.”

Kurt went on to say:

“Mad Progress Marketing has been involved with selling products via the Amazon FBA program with great success, but found that other product distributors either don’t realize that you can send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse and let them handle the delivery of that product to customer when they order, or they have tried selling their products through the FBA program and have not had success with it.”

“Another thing that was discovered was that of those companies that tried the Fulfillment By Amazon program and struggled to find the success they were expecting was simply because they can’t get their products to rank high enough in the Amazon search results allowing people to find that product.”

“Proper promotion and advertising are necessary and vital to having success when selling on Amazon and Mad Progress has a very specific process that when followed provides success over 80% of the time”.

There is a video (and article) that provides an overview of that process at Mad Progress Marketing’s Amazon FBA Consultants page.

Mad Progress Marketing works with clients that have a minimum of $20,000 worth of inventory at retail available to send in to an warehouse. They Do Not work as a “product liquidator”, rather they work to help companies expand their retail opportunities online on a long term basis.

Product manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and importers that are looking to expand their sales online via the Amazon FBA Program but wonder just how much they could be selling of their own products on Amazon can take advantage of Mad Progress Marketing’s current “competitor analysis” by visiting:

Amazon FBA Consulting Company, Mad Progress Marketing has published two new articles and videos that details a process that helps companies desiring to sell more of their products on The articles and videos can be found on the home page of the Mad Progress Marketing website.

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