Manuka Honey Immunity & Metabolism Supplement Nutrient-Rich Chewables Relaunched

McMillion Mercantile has relaunched Cell-A-Brate, their bestselling Manuka honey and superfood supplement. Cell-A-Brate is packed with antioxidants and enzymes that enhance immunity and metabolism.

McMillion Mercantile has relaunched Cell-A-Brate, Alovea’s bestselling Manuka honey supplement, at special rates. The supplement comes in two size options, a smaller bottle with 56 chewable tablets and a larger pack with 116. This all-natural supplement is taken once a day and can be combined with other medications with no risk of side effects.

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McMillion Mercantile has relaunched Cell-A-Brate based on popular demand for the product. Each product sold also helps vulnerable, medically fragile children through the “Buy 1 Nourish 2” project.

Cell-A-Brate contains Manuka honey sourced directly from New Zealand. This honey is known for its potent antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It acts as a natural antibiotic that soothes gastrointestinal inflammation. It boosts metabolic function by healing the lining of the gut, making nutrients easier to absorb.

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Another powerful ingredient in Cell-A-Brate is Alovea AE, a trademarked molecule that optimizes the immune system. Also known as Aloe Vera Acemannan Extract, it increases stem cell production by 300-400% and boosts the body’s natural antioxidant, glutathione.

Other superfood ingredients include Prolain, which is a patented beetroot extract, and Oregenol, a patented New Zealand pine bark extract. Prolain improves brain function and supports healthy intestinal flora while Oregenol delivers antioxidants that are 20-50 times more powerful than Vitamin C and E.

Aside from improving overall health, Cell-A-Brate prevents gingivitis and tooth decay, relieves cough and cold symptoms, and inhibits inflammatory gene expression. It is an all-natural supplement so it does not cause bacterial resistance, and it can be taken with other supplements and medications.

Alovea stands behind its proprietary mix line of natural products that are backed by scientific and clinical research. The company runs the HOPE Movement and donates one packet of HOPE Boost, a nutritional supplement for children, for every product they sell. McMillion Mercantile now offers this product as part of its commitment to natural, healthy supplements.

McMillion Mercantile is an online supplement store that traces its origins to the postwar years when Marion and Marjorie McMillion opened a store for groceries and sundry supplies. Their daughter, Shirley McMillion heads the brand now, offering products that improve cardiac and digestive health.

“The chewables taste so good and my 90 year-old-grandmother, who hates pills, loves them. I feel better already knowing that we’re taking action to keep our systems strong,” Miriam F, a loyal customer, said about Cell-A-Brate.

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