Manuka Honey Immune Activation Anti-Inflammatory Gut Health Supplement Launch

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McMillion Mercantile announces the launch of a new all-natural formulation to boost immune function and gut health at a cellular level. The store featured its flagship product, the Alovea Cell-A-Brate alongside Cardio Miracle, a nitric oxide production formula.

McMillion Mercantile LLC has launched Cell-A-Brate as an all-in-one solution for digestive issues and low immunity. Cell-A-Brate is a patented formula that combines probiotics with various nutritional ingredients to improve the body’s response against stress, toxins, poor dietary habits, and waning immunity.

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The newly released product contains a patented Alovea, an aloe vera formulation, manuka honey, purified beetroot betalains, and New Zealand pine bark. Each of these specific ingredients plays a significant role in protecting against bacterial and viral infections.

Cell-A-Brate’s core ingredients have high bioavailability and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, digestive function, and in turn, brain health. The new chewable tablets deliver the benefits of Acemannan, the bioactive molecule in aloe vera.

The supplement also contains Prolain and Oregenol, patented extracts of beetroot betalain and New Zealand pine bark respectively. Oregenol is reported to be 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E, supporting cardiovascular and eye health.

Natural supplement store McMillion Mercantile LLC provides a range of quality-of-life products that are natural and safe.

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The business was founded in the 1940s by Marion and Marjorie McMillion, who sought to provide their small, local community with grocery items. Their daughter Shirley McMillion now has a similar goal of serving the local and global community by helping to perpetuate the prioritization of health and wellness.

Speaking about how McMillion Mercantile continues to help people around the world, Shirley McMillion says, “20 years later, after working in the customer service portion of manufacturing and industry I am finally jumping ship, retiring and retiring, and starting up my e-commerce business hopeful products and information that will solve some of your health concerns at your current age and in this current economy and climate. I am hopeful. How about you?”

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