Manila Chiropractor Spinal Rehabilitation & Posture Correction Services Launched

Manila chiropractor Alpha Chiropractic has launched treatments for poor posture and spinal rehabilitation. They have recently opened a practice in Manila after being founded in Singapore in 2011.

Manila-based chiropractor Alpha Chiropractic has launched specialized spinal rehabilitation and posture correction services. The practice has recently opened a location in the Philippines after being founded in Singapore in 2011.

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Poor posture can have a huge impact on a person’s overall wellbeing. It can cause severe back, neck and shoulder pain and slow down or even stop people from participating in activities they would usually enjoy. The practitioners at Alpha Chiropractic are experts in posture correction and can work with patients to get them back to a pain-free lifestyle.

Postural problems come from having muscle imbalances and can happen when muscles tighten and shorten while other muscles weaken. This ultimately forces the body into an unnatural position and over time, can cause severe pain.

The main causes of poor posture are scoliosis, poor work ergonomics and carrying heavy backpacks for long periods of time. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is curved in an S or C shape and can sometimes be treated by chiropractic care, depending on the severity of the curve.

Desk jobs with poor work ergonomics are one of the most common issues leading to back pain and poor posture. People who spend too many hours a day hunched over at a desk commonly experience a variety of back, neck and shoulder pain and eventually their work posture naturally becomes their regular posture.

Backpacks are another thing to be wary of. Carrying heavy loads for long periods of time can cause back pain and posture issues due to unnatural compression of the spine and can even cause nerve damage. The general rule is that people who frequently carry backpacks that are heavier than 10% of their body weight are prone to posture problems and back pain.

Alpha Chiropractic has years of experience and expertise in spinal rehabilitation and posture correction treatments. Other conditions treated by the practice include headaches, joint and muscle pain, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Interested patients can book an appointment and find more information at the link above.

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