ManifestFX Automated Forex Trading Platform AI Bot Analysis Technology Launched

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British financial trading company Manifest-FX announced that its automated Forex platform will be supported by trade analysis and recommendations by AI bots. The update enhances the platform's predictive capabilities and improves the trader's experience.

The addition of AI trading bots to the Manifest-FX platform improves the quality of trade suggestions and real-time information available to traders. The company also offers training courses and coaching on topics related to Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

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The recently updated platform now provides customers with the benefits of AI Forex trading. Trading in fiat currencies and crypto involves the analysis of large batches of data, and AI bots can detect market trends faster and more accurately, giving users access to trade recommendations that consider large datasets.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world, worth approximately $2.409 quadrillion to date. It is also the only market that is open 24 hours a day across time zones.

AI trading bots are an undeniably useful tool for those interested in leveraging round-the-clock trading opportunities the market offers. Manifest-FX customers now have the option, via a monthly subscription, to use this cutting-edge technology and trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on almost all days of the year.

Manifest-FX members who subscribe to select packages have full access to a library of premier educational resources which teach trading basics, technical trading, and strategic trading. Some key benefits of the courses offered include gaining the ability to identify products that can be traded on the financial markets, learning how to find trading opportunities and also how to use proven trading strategies.

These educational subscription benefits are enhanced by being able to practice skills in real-time and trade live on the platform. Customers also have the opportunity to plug into an AI bot for automated trading based on reliable data. This is different from live trading because the artificial intelligence bot uses technology to identify opportunities that don’t rely on sentiment. The platform can also be configured to automatically make trades based on specific opportunities.

One of the largest benefits of the new automated trading feature is that customers have access to the Forex market every hour it is open, and do not need to be actively working for their gains. Checking in on a portfolio is simple and convenient with the Manifest-FX App that is compatible with Android and Apple.

Manifest-FX is a Forex trading education and investment platform. The company continues to provide intuitive tools and learning resources to help them master Forex trading.

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