Manhattan Probate Estate Administration Attorney Report Launched

A NYC probate report has been launched. Katya Sverdlov prides herself on helping people to resolve their legal matters quickly and efficiently. She can help people going through probate and estate administration and gets the best result for themselves and their family.

The Law Offices of Katya Sverdlov, based in New York, have just launched a new report focusing on her probate and estate administration service. It details what probate is , and showcases some of the steps that people will usually go through, along with some frequently asked questions.

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Katya Sverdlov founded her law firm in order to help provide the best service for clients in the local area. She prides herself on helping people with more personal attention, resolving their legal matters in a timely and efficient way.

When someone is dealing with probate, the process can often be difficult, stressful and confusing. Through working with the law offices of Katya Sverdlov, people around New York can ensure they get the best service for their probate needs. The attorney site emphasizes that, when a loved one passes away, his or her estate often goes through a court managed process. If there is a Will, the process is called “Probate”. When there is no Will, the process is called “Administration”. In both scenarios, the process involves numerous steps, including filing of a petition with the proper Surrogate court, finding heirs and sending them a notice, obtaining waivers and consents from relatives, getting affidavits from witnesses, taking an inventory of the estate assets, paying the estate debt, selling any assets that are up for sale, and more.

There can often be difficulties or complications both with the process (where the court can take months to review documents) and with someone objecting to the Will. When people get disinherited by a relative – they get upset, and may want to contest the Will. Some argue that the Will was a forgery. Some argue that the Will was written as a result of undue influence. Yet others argue that the person writing the Will had no mental capacity to do so. When these Will contests take place, the costs and the time delays increase dramatically.

Working with a highly trained NYC lawyer who has expertise in the field of probate and administration can help to ensure that the process runs smoothly and that the best results are achieved. Full details of the services Katya Sverdlov can provide in helping clients in the local area can be found on the URL above.

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