Manhattan NY Muscle Weakness Imbalance Natural Treatment And Therapies Launched

Infinity Sports Medicine in Manhattan, New York, a clinic that specializes in physiatry and physical therapy has launched treatment for all muscle weakness and imbalance issues.

Infinity Sports Medicine in Manhattan, New York has launched professional medical treatment for muscle all weakness and imbalance conditions. The clinic is staffed by a caring staff that possesses a team of doctors and other medical professionals that cooperate to bring relief to its patients suffering from muscle and imbalance issues.

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The launch of cooperative, professional, team-oriented therapy for muscle weakness and imbalance issues arose as the clinic found this issue a common complaint of some of their orthopedic patients. By focusing on muscle weakness and imbalance issues in a cooperative and safe medical environment, patients suffering from these conditions find they can recover quickly and fully.

Muscle weakness and imbalance can result from different types of neurological and neuromuscular conditions such as stroke, nerve injury, impingement, multiple sclerosis, or a multitude of other nerve or muscle injuries.

Frequently this weakness and imbalance can result from poor posture, improper exercise, or a lack of exercise. Sitting at a desk for a majority of the day with poor posture increases weakness causing a lengthening of the muscles in the upper back and between the shoulder blades. Sitting with shoulders forward and the head and neck down will also result in the shortening of the muscles in the chest wall.

The clinic’s treatment of these shortened muscles consists of teaching patients specific exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen these muscle groups. The goal of Infinity Sports Medicine’s treatment of muscle and imbalance issues is to restore muscle balance by preventative conditioning, strengthening, and stretching.

A satisfied patient shares, “From my bad knees from a fall I took while skiing, Dr. Babiy always takes her time and makes sure I actually understand what the issue is and my options for treatment. Also, it is convenient to have the therapists on site instead of just being given a referral. Being next to the subway is a huge plus and, and I have not had to wait more than 5 minutes for my scheduled appointment times.”

As muscle weakness and imbalance treatments are launched by this facility, anyone suffering a condition that involves these deficiencies is encouraged to call today.

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