Manhattan Laser Spa Facial Rejuvenation Regenerative Skincare Treatment Updated

A newly updated PRP facial treatment service has been launched by Manhattan Laser Spa. They provide cutting-edge treatments to help patients look and feel their best.

Manhattan Laser Spa has announced the launch of its updated PRP Facials. The Midtown NYC salon provides its clients with the latest in cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.

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The updated PRP Facial by Manhattan Laser Spa is a skincare treatment that uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to regenerate the skin for a more youthful appearance. A blood sample taken from the client is placed in a centrifuge to extract plasma and platelets for the facial.

The growth factors contained in blood encourage the skin to increase collagen production and new fatty tissue. The spa explains that this improves skin tone and texture by adding volume and can also help to treat fine lines and wrinkles or eliminate scars.

Patients will begin to see results within three weeks of the PRP Facial and may continue to see improvements in their skin appearance for up to eight months. With good skincare, lifestyle, and diligent use of SPF, the results can last for up to two years.

The PRP Facial offers many benefits alongside its skin-tightening effects. For example, the treatment is 100% natural and safe, due to it being minimally invasive and not causing allergic reactions.

The procedure, also known as a vampire facial, requires little to no downtime with minimal swelling and bruising. Unlike many other cosmetic treatments, patients can often go about their normal routine the next day.

Manhattan Laser Spa uses advanced technology to provide safe and effective beauty treatments in a luxurious environment. They only use FDA-approved lasers when carrying out their aesthetic services.

A salon spokesperson has said: “Speaking with a qualified expert at Manhattan Laser Spa can help you decide if PRP is indeed right for you, or if you should consider an alternative route of treatment.”

Those wishing to find out more about Manhattan Laser Spa and their PRP Facial treatments can contact them at 646-846-2357. Alternatively, they can also visit the website here:

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