Manhattan Financial District Sports Injury Treatment & Pain Management Launched

A new highly-educated and highly-experienced pain physician medical office has been launched in Manhattan. Downtown Pain Physicians offers a wide range of specialist services including pain management and sports injury care.

Downtown Pain Physicians, a medical office in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan specializing in pain management as well as sports injury, has been launched. Downtown Pain Physicians offers high quality, effective specialized care and treatment for sports injury including X-rays and joint MRI’s, making it ideal for anyone that wants the best pain management and treatment for sports related injuries.

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In the newly launched office patients will find that Downtown Pain Physicians is a dedicated multispecialty medical practice in the heart of Manhattan.

The practice was founded by Dr Khaimov and Dr Baruch who strive to offer top quality care using the latest in medical technology in one single location. The practice prides itself on offering great care striving towards patient satisfaction as the utmost priority and creating individual personal care for each patient.

All the physicians within the practice are board-certified and trained to use the latest cutting edge technology. This includes the use of fluoroscopy as well as ultrasound-guided injections for accurate and effective procedures.

In addition to this, with patient care and well-being as the highest priority, Downtown Pain Physicians utilize minimally invasive procedures. This means patients can get in touch with the peace of mind knowing they will be well looked after.

Among the services on offer, patients will see that the practice offers sports medicine, pain management, gastroenterology, podiatry, interventional radiology and diagnostic imaging with the use of joint MRI’s and X-rays, giving accurate and reliable results.

In addition to all this, the practice offers alternative medicine and holistic methods including regenerative medicine, plant extract use and physical therapy, meaning there is something for everyone.

Patients will also find that Downtown Pain Physicians offer same-day appointments, meaning there is little or no waiting times when compared with other similar practices with days, or even sometimes weeks of waiting periods before an open appointment slot.

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