Manhattan Commercial & Custom Sign, Awning & Glass Install Company Served 30 yrs

Tower Sign Co. is servicing the NYC area for 30 years and continues to provide unmatched products and services to its customers. It reveals how this company overcame all the obstacles to grow its business to meet their clients' needs. Find out more info@

Tower Sign, Awning & Glass Co. NYC is one of the companies responsible for designing and producing awnings and signs in the area. It has been in business since 1993 when it was founded by Jeff Kim establishing the company’s headquarters in New York City. Since then, it has been offering a wide variety of high-quality products.

Kim’s beginnings were very difficult because the market had not responded favorably to its products at that time. Therefore, with hard work, Jeff began implementing other strategies and founded the company to provide unique and high-quality signboards, awnings and custom glass to all the company’s clients. Therefore, the objective of Tower Sign Co. was to find the most effective and efficient ways to provide its products to the public. Click this website link today to receive a 10% discount with promo code, OFF10M, and a free quote.

Today, Tower Sign Co. is servicing New York City area for 30 years. The significant development of this company is due to the incredible clients that it has attracted over the years. Tower Sign Co. continues to implement its fundamental principles to offer unmatched products and services at affordable prices.

Every year the company tries to grow more and more and acquire more employees. today, it has 20 experienced employees who have worked hard to place the company’s name at the top and lead the industry of personalized signage, awnings and glass. Tower Sign Co. has developed an excellent reputation for achieving the loyalty, trust and perseverance of many customers.

Quality is the fundamental factor that has allowed this great company to flourish and grow significantly in its niche. Its prestige is due to various aspects that working together make up the best combination to achieve success. Include:

Design: Each of the products is designed thanks to the experienced design team. Its objective is to offer models according to the needs and requests of customers.

Production: It is carried out by the company’s global production team. They are responsible for managing internal production to create products through high-quality materials.

Management: The personnel located in this area are responsible for supervising and managing the product design and manufacturing processes to guarantee the highest efficiency.

Customer service: The customer service team is responsible for solving and responding to the needs, concerns and doubts presented by the company’s customers.

Thanks to the joint work of the above aspects, the company will be able to guarantee superior results in terms of the products offered as glass doors, walls, awnings, signs (illuminated and not illuminated) and more. Even the popularity of Tower Sign Co. has grown so much that people can easily recognize their work throughout the city.

The secret of the company’s success has been to place the needs and demands of customers first. In that way, Kim says they have managed to provide unparalleled services because they have offered what customers want. On the eve of the company’s 27th-anniversary celebration, Kim has shown his gratitude to all the employees and customers who have contributed to the development of it.

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