Mandi-Jo’s Launches Its Brand-New Peer-to-Peer Rental Platform

Mandi-Jo’s is a peer-to-peer renting platform that allows anyone to connect with locals who have items to lease. It is designed to help anyone make extra cash.

Alabama, USA—Mandi-Jo’s is pleased to announce the launch of a new peer-to-peer platform that allows anyone to sign up and start renting out their equipment. What started as a kayak rental service 5 years ago has developed into a service that allows anyone the ability to lend anything they have laying around the house in return for money. The content on the site is all built by the members, and users can find Mandi Jo’s Rentals in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Foley, AL.

The purpose of the site is to help people make extra cash by renting out items that owners generally leave unused. From kayak rental in Gulf Shores to tool rentals in Foley, Alabama, the platform is quickly becoming a hub for locals looking to make a quick buck. The site is not just for tools and equipment either. Homeowners can list beach rentals in Gulf Shores and the other cities on the site.

Mandi-Jo’s has designed the listing process to be simple. The member adds an item that they want to lease with up to 5 photos and a detailed description. From there, they can choose a price that they think seems fair and determine whether it requires a deposit.

The new platform also benefits users looking to save money. Instead of going out and making a costly purchase, members can borrow the items they require for a set amount of time. The peer-to-peer lending scheme is also advantageous for tourists visiting Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Foley. Should visitors to these areas need some sporting equipment, then they can use the site to borrow from a local. A pick-up/drop-off point and suitable time between both parties is arranged at purchase.

The list of items on the site is called the Share Hub. Items contained on the Share Hub include beach equipment, cars/trucks, games, tools, heavy machinery, and more. Those looking to hire out a professional service out or find a local service also can find these available on the Business Hub section of the site.

To participate, users who wish to rent items can set up a “free” account in order to contact those renting out their items. Those who want to lend out their items pay a fee to list the rental. Interested parties are invited to head over to the new Mandi-Jo’s platform to find out more about membership or browse what’s on offer.

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