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Funnelin, a Manchester LinkedIn outreach service has expanded its LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation services across the UK. The agency offers automated LinkedIn outreach, strategy consultations, and profile management services for B2B and B2C businesses.

Funnelin, a Manchester LinkedIn outreach service announced the expansion of its LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation services across the UK. The agency offers B2B and B2C growth strategies to help brands and businesses find new prospects, grow their professional network, and improve conversion rates.

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The LinkedIn marketing agency has made its LinkedIn prospecting services available to individual and business customers across the UK. The expansion is part of the agency’s strategic plan to transform how B2B and B2C companies use LinkedIn to generate sales.

With more than 27.5 million users, the UK is LinkedIn’s largest market in Europe. The platform plays a significant role in the B2B market, contributing to 80 per cent of leads generated.

Funnelin partners with individuals, brands, and businesses to craft bespoke LinkedIn prospecting strategies that generate thousands of connection requests. The agency offers profile reviews, LinkedIn SEO, list building, and conversation nurturing services through the platform.

The UK LinkedIn marketing specialist uses LinkedIn outreach automation for target audiences in any industry niche. Originally developed as software to optimise LinkedIn prospecting, Funnelin has grown in scale and scope to be a fully outsourced Linkedin biz growth solution.

Funnelin ensures a business profile accurately reflects a company’s values and creates a dynamic strategy that covers content creation, recommendations, product or service promotions, group memberships, influencer relations, and the use of premium LinkedIn tools.

The Funnelin team helps clients connect with ready-to-pay customers and other businesses in need of their products or services. Experienced LinkedIn marketers will update and monitor a client’s profile and nurture conversations from the first contact to sales. The LinkedIn outreach service can be tailored to the needs of corporate business event planners.

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According to a spokesperson for the LinkedIn marketing automation service in the UK, “We are excited to offer LinkedIn lead generation and marketing services to companies across the UK. We look forward to helping brands and businesses ensure that their conversations lead to more quotes and qualified sales appointments..”

Funnelin is a specialised LinkedIn marketing agency in Manchester, offering high-value LinkedIn prospect nurturing and support services. Headed by Founder Daniel Smith, the agency offers bespoke LinkedIn outreach automation with full dashboard access and instant reporting tools.

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