Manchester UK Inner City Property Investment – Pre-Launch Opportunity Announced

Amin & Wilson Commercial Brokers (+44-7376-866077) have recently announced their latest development opportunity for buyers and investors in Manchester’s inner-city neighbourhood of Castlefield.

The up-and-coming property investment opportunity, named Gallery Gardens, pioneers urban outdoor living spaces. The property experts are now offering a chance to purchase city real estate at affordable prelaunch prices, which provide the highest return on investment upon resale.

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Gallery Gardens combines the convenience of inner city with luxury green rooftop spaces. The structure of the 19 and 13 storey buildings showcases historic inspiration from the Castlefield mills while driving towards innovation in their modern community designs. Specifically, the development offers 120 one bedroom apartments, 242 two bedroom apartments, and 4 three bedroom apartments.

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The Amin & Wilson site features comprehensive photo galleries of their property development projects, in addition to further information on prospective builds and opportunities. Their team combines their expertise in the international property development market with top customer service to satisfy the unique needs of their investors.

They guarantee to deliver the highest return on investment they can by planning and executing professional exit strategies. Moreover, Amin & Wilson’s first class financial advisors can troubleshoot potential hurdles and resolve issues when they do arise, offering buyers and investors a hassle-free real estate experience.

Through their expert investment advice and professional consultation services, they take the time to recognise and understand their clients’ personal investment objectives in order to identify top properties that align with their ambitions. They offer a customised client consultation in order to identify ideal locations and neighbourhoods. They have extensive knowledge of the real estate markets in the most promising districts of Manchester such as Castlefield.

Their property development services are ideal for all types of real estate clients, ranging from established investors to first time buyers. They are dedicated to delivering honest financial advice, providing risk-free opportunities for people looking to expand their investment portfolios. Their site features top property listings located in up-and-coming neighbourhoods in London and Manchester.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our latest development, Gallery Gardens, is the fifth and sixth phase of a pioneering project harnessing the convenience of inner city living with the attractions of appealing outdoor living space – providing a blueprint for modern, contemporary living.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +44-7376-866077.

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