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Maximus Chillers Ltd. (0161 3707193) announced the expansion of their chiller service & maintenance operation to help companies in the Manchester and the surrounding area improve chiller efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and protect the environment.

With the latest expansion, Maximus Chillers brings expert chiller maintenance engineers and state-of-the-art equipment to industrial process chillers located in factories in Manchester and across the UK. Business owners interested in achieving optimum operational performance and efficiency for their chillers can contact the team for a reply on the same day.

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The announcement comes in response to growing concerns around global warming and increased awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

Research shows that industrial process chillers can detrimentally impact the environment in several ways, such as high energy consumption and the harmful use of refrigerants. Yet, their use is critical to maintaining the ongoing production in a factory. Finding ways to lower the carbon footprint of this rapidly growing industry is paramount and where Maximum Chillers is focused.

Ongoing maintenance of chiller systems ensures they operate more efficiently, use less electricity, and reduce business costs. In addition, retrofitting new parts onto old chillers can dramatically extend their life span. In direct contrast, manufacturing new chillers has an extremely high carbon footprint, particularly if the environmental impact of manufacturing new electronic components is included.

Maximus Chillers provide full phone support in between maintenance visits to ensure that a business’s chillers are running at maximum efficiency at all times. Onsite training is also provided to a client’s team so they can resolve minor issues themselves, further lowering maintenance costs.

With the latest expansion, Maximus Chillers continues to be a pioneer in its field by choosing environmentally-focused solutions in an industry known for contributing considerably to global warming.

One customer recounted their experience with Maximus Chillers: “Our chillers had unreliable controls. It was difficult to diagnose intermittent faults as the chillers only had a common alarm. Once the fault went away, there was nothing for their engineer to look for. He fitted a simple controller and simplified the plant. Now the lead chiller runs all the time, with the lag only coming on when we turn on more equipment. Maximus Chillers are an outstanding company to deal with.”

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