Manchester UK Chiller Maintenance Experts – Eco-Friendly Repair/Upgrade Launched

Maximus Chillers (0161-370-7193), an independent chiller service company based in Droylsden, Manchester, announced an update of its chiller maintenance service to help interested clients reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint by keeping their equipment in good condition.

The company’s recently announced chiller maintenance service is available to both domestic and international customers. They provide proactive maintenance to ensure optimal chiller function and help clients save money on extensive repairs.

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Today, global warming is a major concern, and chillers have an important environmental effect. The new announcement aims to decrease the carbon footprint caused by the construction of new chillers by extending the life of existing chillers through effective maintenance.

It is critical to keep chillers in optimal operating condition since they consume more power when they are poorly maintained, which increases the overall costs. Proper plant maintenance also makes a positive difference in terms of environmental sustainability.

During maintenance, Maximus Chillers makes the required changes and processes to improve the efficiency of the plant. As a result, they use less electricity in their operations – which also means that the chiller maintenance service can drastically reduce the carbon footprint and cost over in the longer run.

The chiller maintenance service is covered by the company’s team of expert maintenance engineers who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high standards of quality. They can assure the long-term operation of old chillers by upgrading them with new parts. Every time the engineers visit, they fill out a meticulous checklist. They can then do comprehensive control, component, and refrigerant diagnosis to address any potential faults.

The team offers complete over-the-phone help to clients for a range of situations, from error messages to insufficient cooling and many others.

The independent chiller maintenance service constantly makes system adjustments to improve their reliability, efficiency, and to ensure optimal service quality. Their team of engineers are fully equipped to get the job done with cutting-edge materials and parts.

A satisfied client said: “We have an old plant here that was becoming unreliable. Maximus Chillers have carried out repairs and adjustments to get the plant to run more reliably and efficiently. Their engineers are very knowledgeable and reliable.”

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