Manchester NH Flat-Fee Family Attorney – Estate Planning/Asset Management Update

With the baby boomer generation now reaching retirement age, millions more Americans are facing difficult decisions regarding their financial legacy. To help younger families prepare better for later life, a Fremont, NH-based legal firm (603-770-9135) announces updates to its unique strategies for estate planning.

Uniquely You Estate Planning’s latest launch provides dedicated support and guidance for clients wishing to plan and secure both monetary and intellectual assets in the event of their death. The firm brings many years of experience in handling the complexities of will-making, financial planning, and inheritance for loved ones.

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The announcement details a range of benefits to working with the Uniquely You Estate Planning team. The company brings an innate understanding of its clients’ busy lives, their expanding families, and the difficulty in making time to plan. Unlike many other law firms, the Uniquely You team works on a pre-agreed flat-fee basis, ensuring complete transparency and no unwelcome surprises.

A study by Advance Capital Management revealed that around 50% of Americans will die without an estate plan or will in place. Furthermore, over 70% of people have not kept their will updated and over 32% have yet to inform their families as to where they can find the necessary financial, legal, and medical documents after they die.

Uniquely You Estate Planning tailors its services to the needs of young, growing families. The firm seeks to give families on lower incomes the chance to consult with experienced legal professionals, making provision for their children and helping them avoid the stressful battles that often play out in probate court after the loss of a family member.

The company’s Personal Family Lawyer program gives the kind of expert guidance that has been previously been the preserve of the wealthy. A range of plans caters to a variety of family circumstances – from young clients who have yet to amass any serious savings to older customers who need services like asset protection and growth strategies for their nest eggs.

About Uniquely You Estate Planning

Led by experienced family attorney Dawn DiManna, the firm is committed to helping clients build a secure financial future for their loved ones. Clients can schedule appointments for wealth planning as well as estate plan check-ups and reviews. Dawn and her team also offer complimentary 15-minute consultations to help get the process started without obligation.

A spokesperson says, “ Get peace of mind knowing your family would stay out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you.”

With its recent service updates, Uniquely You Estate Planning continues to pioneer new ways for families to build a sustainable plan for the future.

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