Managed Service Provider Copier Supplier – Office Vendor Partnership Announced

Dedicated advisory firm to managed service businesses, MSP Trusted Advisor Group, has announced its partnership with a copier industry veteran in a move to further bolster its roster of experts.

MSP Trusted Advisor Group (MSPTag), a consulting firm for managed service providers (MSPs), has announced that it added Anya Krebs, the founder of Office Space Copier, to its network of vendors. She is expected to bring over a decade of experience in the office equipment leasing industry to the table to help the company’s clients achieve growth.

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With the new announcement, clients will be able to benefit from Ms. Krebs’s forte of finding the right copier deals and equipment while ensuring maximum cost savings in the process. As of 2020, she has helped non-profits achieve over $400,000 in savings and is currently working to reach her $1-million target.

MSPTag clients can seek Ms. Krebs’s expertise in decisions concerning leasing, renting, and purchasing copiers and other office equipment. She can help them navigate their way through complex leasing contracts to avoid being stuck in a one-sided scenario that could severely impact their budgets.

In the interview, she said that she founded Office Space Copier after seeing small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches get taken advantage of by unscrupulous suppliers. She addressed this issue by becoming a resource that shows businesses how to acquire the ideal equipment for their needs, either through her company or another source.

Her approach differs in that her company is not subject to the whims of manufacturers and other leasing companies. This business model allows her to freely explore a wider range of options to find the most suitable deal.

Ms. Krebs is a worthy addition to MSPTag’s elite roster, as her vast industry knowledge and client-centric approach are in line with the company’s primary thrust of providing C-level guidance and support to MSPs.

For her part, Ms. Krebs cherishes her role as a mentor and takes pleasure in seeing the impact of her work on the organizations that she assists.

“Watching businesses grow, start, change and make a difference in the community is what gives me joy. I want to be a part of this process and help guide them the best that I can,” she stated.

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