Mama Needs A Mother Effing Nap New Parent Funny Mug Design Mom Gift Launched

A new range of comedy mugs for new mothers has been launched by Mika Mugs. The company is renowned for its high quality mugs on Amazon, and the latest new mom mug has been popular with customers.

Mika Mugs, the popular custom mug creator with a store on Amazon, has launched a new line of mugs based around the theme of “Mama Needs A Mother Effing Nap.” It has proven popular with new moms and family members with kids, who find themselves getting less sleep than they would like.

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Mika Mugs is known for its high quality coffee mugs with comical, funny and entertaining designs. Previous examples include a “Dad… you are my father” Star Wars themed design, and a “World’s Greatest Farter… I mean Father” slogan.

Other popular mugs have included colorful unicorn designs, which explain “I poop magic” and other slogans like “Be the unicorn you wish to see in the world.”

The mama needs a nap coffee mug is designed to celebrate mom life, as new mothers find their nights robbed from them by their newborn babies. Often, it’s during these early months especially when mothers dream of being able to nap at all.

The funny mom mug can hold tea and coffee, and was created to help bring a smile to the face of tired moms dealing with kids who don’t yet sleep through the night. Its unique nap design has earned it a series of five star reviews on Amazon, and it has been popular among its recipients.

On the Amazon page listing, it explains that the mug makes an ideal gift for any coffee, tea or hot chocolate lovers who love Nespresso and appreciate a funny gift. It is a high quality product, like all Mika Mugs, and because it’s made from premier ceramic materials, it is easy to clean, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe.

The mugs are printed and shipped from the USA, with designs that won’t wear off like other printing methods can.

A recent reviewer said: “The mug is perfect, good quality, and was packaged for delivery very well.”

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