Malware Protection 2022 Cybersecurity/Virus Prevention Expert Website Launched

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MalwareBrains announces the launch of a new website featuring reports, guides, and articles about malware, ransomware, and cybersecurity. As people and businesses look for new ways to fortify their IT infrastructure against emerging threats, the site aims to provide credible and actionable information.

The new MalwareBrains website is a repository of current and verifiable information about cyber security for individuals and businesses. Featured reports and guides cover a variety of topics including small business customer relationship management (CRM) software, LIMS lab management software, and key security upgrades.

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Malware developers have been quick to adapt their harmful code over the last 30 years to take full advantage of advancing technology. The launch MalwareBrains showcases the value of protection against cyberattacks through proactive penetration testing and other cyber security measures.

According to the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), there has been an uptick in ransomware activity, with more than $102 million in transactions reported every month. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has reported a rise in ransomware attacks. Ransomware refers to malicious code that locks or encrypts data on an individual’s computer for extortion. Malware refers to a wide range of malicious software, including viruses that cybercriminals exploit to harvest data from victims for monetary benefit. Such data can include financial information, medical records, personal emails, and passwords.

Malware is not only limited to individuals; it can also affect businesses. Unknowingly, an employee might introduce malicious software onto the company’s network, which can be harmful. As a result, businesses also need the information on the MalwareBrains website to take extra precautions to prevent such attacks.

The MalwareBrains blog features trending cyber security news and industry reports, documenting the latest security vulnerabilities discovered across platforms.

The MalwareBrains team can be contacted directly using their website’s contact form. They also welcome contributions from cyber security experts who wish to share their knowledge and help individuals and businesses prevent cyber attacks.

About MalwareBrains

MalwareBrains is a cyber security-based information website that was created by a group of experts with over 25 years of combined industry experience. The website was created to educate individuals who are unfamiliar with malware and other aspects of cyber security. Thanks to the extensive expertise of the MalwareBrains team, the website can provide impartial, genuine information that will enlighten its readers.

A company representative said: “Cybercriminals are continually devising new ways to instil dread in our hearts, but there are steps you can take to safeguard yourself. We’ve compiled the knowledge you’ll need to defend yourself against cyberattacks and assist you in understanding how to do so.”

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