Make Browser Tab Blink & Change Icon Title Text WordPress Plugin Launched

ProfitTab, a WordPress plugin allowing users to customize website tabs and stand out on the top of the browser window to grab people’s attention, pull visitors back to the website and boost traffic, leads or conversion rates, has been launched by Todd Gross.

The innovative ProfitTab has been launched by Todd Gross and Bruce Wedding to help websites stand out, grab people’s attention and boost traffic or conversion rates by customizing their website tab at the top of the browser window.

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ProfitTab provides a wide range of customization options, from having the tab blink or scrolling a message, in multiple colors, to overlaying an icon or signal notifications, traditionally used by major online websites like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter, to pull viewers back to their inactive tab and stand out from the other website tabs at the top of the browser window.

The easy-to-use tab customization tool can be licensed for a single site, up to 10 sites or an unlimited number of sites, with the commercial license, and can be easily installed and used on WordPress, as a plugin, or any other site with a special HTML code, including blogs, e-commerce sites, Shopify stores, opt-in pages, galleries, training sites, product or sales pages, and more.

Tood Gross explains that “people have been subconsciously conditioned to see and react to their Facebook tab and its notification signals. What if you could add that same psychological advantage to your website? That is exactly what ProfitTab does. It can scream and should or it can whisper to your visitors using the same tricks that Facebook and others use”.

He adds that “it’s going to change how your visitors engage and reengage with your sites. It works like a magnet that helps maximize the traffic, leads and sales you might be ‘leaving on the table’. First buyers can be the first to benefit from this new re-marketing technique”.

More information on the Profit Tab plugin and its traffic, conversion, engagement and lead or new business generation benefits along with detailed video demos and explanations by the developers, Todd Gross and Bruce Wedding, on how to set-up the different tab customization options, and more, can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

Release ID: 113740