Major online furniture retailer LOOMLAN now offers an exclusive of modern rugs.

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Online modern furniture retailer LOOMLAN one of the fastest upcoming new names in the US furniture retail industry, has announced an addition of exclusive modern rugs into the US market with immediate effect.

Online modern furniture retailer LOOMLAN one of the fastest upcoming new names in the US furniture retail industry, has announced today that they are adding a line of modern rugs into the US market with immediate effect.

Partnering with Linie Design, a Danish design company founded in 1980 and a biggest developer and wholesaler of handmade rugs in Northern Europe, LOOMLAN is excited to offer its USA customers a state-of-the-art handmade unique rugs. These rich designs, crafted by the finest rug makers rated as the highest quality rugs due to their outstanding quality, comfort and impressive durability. Click here to see the full Linie Design product line.

A spokesperson for LOOMLAN said: “We are excited and honored to carry Linie Designs modern area rugs on our online store. Tradition is a keyword, both when it comes to Nordic design and unique craftsmanship. All Linie rugs are designed by acknowledged Scandinavian designers and responsibly handmade by Indian master artisans, who have perfected their skills through generations. The fiber is anti-static, colorfast and water repellent, ideal for everyday living.”

If you’ve ever bought a rug before, you know there are cheap rugs, expensive rugs, and rugs that fall somewhere in between. That middle ground is generally your best bet for finding a rug that fits your needs, budget, and space. In terms of cost, there are price points for every budget. When you’re learning how to choose a rug, it’s essential to understand the difference in cost, since that often affects quality, too.

Cheaper rugs are typically smaller. You’ll know them by their backing, which is generally low-quality rubber. These rugs are ideal if you don’t need a high-quality piece. For example, if you’re furnishing your home on a shoestring budget or if you’re placing rugs in spots that get a lot of traffic, such as near a sink or by the front entrance, something cheaper can be ideal. Keep in mind, however, that inexpensive rugs might fall apart the first time you try to clean them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of rugs in the middle of the spectrum. You can easily find large area rugs in designs you love, such as mid-range tribal rugs or Oriental rugs. At this price point, the rugs won’t be authentic, but they’re likely to be of good quality. Besides, you’ll get a gorgeous piece at an affordable price.

Top-of-the-line rugs understandably cost more. When your budget allows you to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a rug, you’ll get the highest possible quality. The carpet fibers will be softer, the colors will be more vivid, and the rug itself will simply last longer. At this price point, you can find large area rugs, artistic handmade rugs, and authentic Persian rugs.

Materials, quality, and cost often go hand in hand. For instance, cheaper rugs usually use synthetic materials, which you can easily recognize. When you’re shopping for rugs, make sure you take a hands-on approach. Feel free to touch everything. You’ll notice that cheaper, lower-quality rugs feel more rough, since the carpet fibers aren’t as soft.

Top-quality rugs are almost exclusively made of wool, cotton, and even silk. They’re rich, opulent, and generally exquisite. Handmade rugs have an altogether different texture. Walking on a high-quality carpet often feels like walking on clouds.

These days, many rugs are machine-made. This method is cheaper, it takes less time, and the price point allows a larger number of people to afford lovely floor coverings. That being said, handmade rugs are almost always better. They’re also more expensive, but you’ll get what you pay for and then some. Handmade rugs can take upwards of a year or more to complete, and the knot quality reflects that. A typical handmade rug can last generations if properly cared for.

You can place a rug almost anywhere. Well, you may want to avoid layering a rug over carpet, since that’s one of the first things you’ll learn about placing a rug. Although you can layer, it tends to look bulky and overpowering. Most people place their rugs over tile, hardwood flooring or virtually any type of flooring.

The right rug has the power to bring your entire room together because it’s so easy to mix, match, and create contrast with vivid colors and eye-catching prints. LOOMLAN offers an educational article about how to choose a right size rug.

LOOMLAN prides itself on offering the widest range of high-quality handmade furniture from new artists as well as well-known designers such as Currey and Co, Bassett Furniture and now a line of modern rugs from Linie Design. This new range of modern rugs adds to an already comprehensive selection of handmade rugs stocked by LOOMLAN. This includes a wide variety of rugs from all over the world, including much-coveted Persian, Afghan, Indian and Oriental rugs. LOOMLAN also offers some of the biggest names in design, including Nourison, Jeff Banks, Calvin Klein and Wissenbach. Furthermore, the rugs available come in a vast range of sizes, colors and styles, meaning that finding the ideal rug to suit your home is now just a mouse click away.

The new selection of rugs comes in many different styles each of which offers a slightly different take on the classic design. The Linnie Design’s collection of rugs is available to buy from LOOMLAN online via the website or you can call or text directly 1-833-566-6526 and one of amazing LOOMLAN team members will be happy to assist you in finding your new favorite handmade area rug.



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