Launches WordPress Maintenance and Performance Services is launching their comprehensive Wordpress Services to help businesses using Wordpress to protect their site from being hacked while maximizing performance, speed, and SEO. is launching comprehensive WordPress Services to help businesses using WordPress to protect their sites from being hacked while maximizing the inherent SEO and Content Management advantages of WordPress and tweaking them for enhanced speed and performance.

“Wordpress is the world’s leading content management system since it is used by one third of all websites for many good reasons, but because it has a log in page online and there are many components such as the WordPress Software, Themes and Plugins that must all be kept up to date or your website can be easily hacked. It is not if but when it will be hacked if updates are not made regularly”, said, President Alykhan Virani.

The average number of attacks per WordPress site per day is 58. Twenty thousand WordPress sites are blacklisted by Google for being hacked and containing malware and another 50,000 WordPress sites for in jeopardy for phishing. 72% of WordPress sites have vulnerabilities that can be easily detected with free automated tools.

Google regularly bans domains for containing malware as it is a very serious problem leading to fraud and identify theft.

“ is a one stop shop that all WordPress site owners need. A business needs to run their business and not worry constantly about being hacked. Most people do not regularly update their WordPress software, themes and plugins or even know they have to or they can be updated, “ added Virani. provides WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Security, WordPress Performance and Speed Improvement, WordPress Search Engine Optimization, Offsite Backup, Facebook Chatbot, WordPress Site Development, WooCommerce Ecommerce Store Development and Content Development. offers reasonable price options for small and large WordPress sites to maximize the effectiveness of WordPress while also protecting those websites from being hacked and helping rescue them if they are hacked.

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