Main Consulting Agency Launches New Strategy to Influence C-Suite Executives

Main Consulting Agency and Just Aim 4 Success have announced a formal launch particular for Coaching, their latest Leadership, Branding, Executive Presence for Multi-National Corporations, C-Suite Leaders, Director/VP Level Leadership.

Main Consulting Agency and Just Aim 4 Success will be working together on their newest launch for Coaching starting January 26, 2017. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in Best practices for Leadership Coaching and Personal Development. PQ Assessment results provide insights into elevated Strategic Branding.

Interested parties can view full partnership details on the following website:

With the launch of Coaching, Main Consulting Agency and Just Aim 4 Success will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Coaching – Combining best practices into a comprehensive business solution, as indicated by C-Level Executives’ testimonials.

Keynote Speaking – Comprehensive portfolio of topics in leadership in transformative organizations

Faculty – MBA & Undergraduate Online & Live Classes teaching innovation in leadership, organization leadership dynamics, product branding and strategy.

Coaching has been created specifically for Multi-National Corporations, C-Suite Leaders, Director/VP Level Leadership with multiple outcomes & benefits.

Assessment – Evaluates passion utilizing 6 dimensions, including Career, Optimism, Leadership, Integrity, Planning and Mission.

Legacy Forward Made Easy – Provides a roadmap towards unique and enlightened life. A leadership life story, showing how a humble man found success and fulfillment without compromising his integrity with the hope that others will learn to live passionately and leave their own legacy.

Training Materials & Blogs (TED Talk) – Keynote presentations covering various topics on Leadership and life style, including title: Is Medicine the Only Cure? TED Talk

Ben Pandya, COO of Main Consulting Agency, had this to say about the new launch partnership for Coaching: “The Main Consulting Agency is a result of inspiration and implementation providing a profound pathway to delivering unparalleled outcomes and transformation to enhance every employee, leader and client.”

Those interested in learning more about the partnership can do so here: Those interested in purchasing Coaching can do so here.

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