MailZingo Amit Pareek Affordable Bulk Mailer & Autoresponder Software Launched

MailZingo, a complete email marketing software allowing marketers and business owners to automate and improve their email marketing efforts to get higher delivery, open, click-through and conversion rates entirely hands-free and without the costly fees of traditional autoresponder services, has been launched.

The MailZingo, a highly anticipated email marketing software which allows marketers to automate and optimize their email marketing campaigns to get higher deliveries, opens, clicks and conversions on auto-pilot, has been launched.

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Email marketing remains one of the most popular and cost-efficient strategies for marketers and business owners looking to engage and convert their prospects or customers, with recent studies showing that email marketing still delivers the highest average ROI, of about $44.25 per dollar spent, of any digital marketing tool.

To ensure marketers and business owners are able to enjoy the full ROI potential of email marketing and get higher deliveries, opens, clicks and conversions than their competitors with the most effective email marketing campaigns running on auto-pilot, the popular email marketing specialist Dr. Amit Pareek announced the launch of the highly anticipated and 100% newbie-friendly MailZingo.

The new email marketing software allows users to easily import, segment and manage their lists, send out unlimited emails to their contacts with just one click and automatically follow-up with their leads without having to rely on costly autoresponder services. It also provides complete, real-time and detailed analytics about their campaigns and their subscribers’ activity to help identify which particular campaigns provide the best results.

More information on MailZingo and its unique features to help email marketers automate and improve their email marketing campaigns for higher delivery, open, click-through and conversion rates along with a demo video on how to use its intuitive interface or the multiple easy-to-understand training videos and email templates provided with the software can be consulted at the website link available above or at

The developer of MailZingo, Dr. Amit Pareek, explains that “this is the world’s best and most powerful email marketing software, that I’m using myself to enjoy maximum delivery. It’s like setting up an autoresponder service like Aweber but without paying those costly monthly fees and with full control over the campaigns. It’s completely newbie-friendly to enable anyone to automate their email marketing campaigns, solve their low open rate problems and get more mails delivered straight to their prospects’ inbox.”

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