Mail Privacy Challenge From Apple MPP Met By Edge-Computing Service

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New edge service resolves email open rates, including Apple MPP traffic, for marketers, publishers and platforms. It provides a new approach to balance privacy and market feedback obscured by middle-party proxies. Further information can be found at

Today Campaign Genius announced public availability of Open Genius, its new Email Open Rate Service for Apple MPP. For marketers with even a passing interest in ethical email practices and consumer privacy, this service provides a new way to balance the challenges presented by middle-party proxies.

With Apple’s announcement of Mail Privacy Protection in late 2021, email marketers speculated on the potentially catastrophic impact of false-positive signals on open rates. Thanks in part to the slow rollout of iOS 15, the impact was slow to come. But leading email-sending platform SparkPost recently tweeted “Only about 10% of opens remain until we get to the saturation point of iOS 15.”

Open Genius gives marketers statistics-driven tools to restore open metrics. Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of Campaign Genius, notes “We believe Open Genius balances consumer desire for privacy with marketers’ need for feedback by providing rates and comparisons, without data on individual recipients. Email marketers regain the leading indicator of customer engagement with their campaign content.” Key innovations in the service are patent-pending.

Campaign Genius, launched in 2019, provides real-time visual content for email. The company’s expertise in these technologies enabled them to tackle the challenges introduced by Apple’s approach to image-handling. Open Genius leverages “edge computing” to ensure consumer privacy and compliance with local laws. Real-time content fetches, including pixels, are handled at over 250 data centers, providing <50ms delivery time for 95% of Internet users. Request data is hashed, and PII discarded, within national borders. The enormous volume of email traffic — over 310 Billion messages per day and growing — requires the use of a petabyte-scale data warehouse to uncover open-rate patterns in near-real-time.

“Apple upset practices that have been in place for 20 years. While open rates were never exact, they were extremely useful as indicators. Some email marketers have given up on opens; we want them to have the option.” notes Dr. Dunn.

The service is targeted primarily at high-volume email marketing platforms, agencies and enterprises sending at least 10 million messages per month. No integration or data exports are required; Open Genius is same-day compatible with any email platform. HTML “snippets” and merged data provide the signals used to sort out Apple MPP and other image-proxy traffic.

The platform provides a range of content tools to gather open requests, including pixels, location targeting, language-targeting and personalized images. “Pixels provide no benefit to campaign recipients; it’s no wonder people resent them.” notes Dunn. “Now marketers can use engaging visual content to earn their metrics.”

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