Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance Complimentary Book Set Launched

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KG Publishing House launched the free edition of the Mail Order Bride 4 book box by Karla Gracey on multiple online platforms.

KG Publishing House announced the launch of the Mail Order Bride 4 book box set on multiple online platforms. The set is available for free and contains 4 series starter books, including the first volumes of Faith Creek Brides, Sun River Brides, Silver River Brides, and Ruby Springs Brides.

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Described by critics as a very sweet, invigorating and heart-warming set of books, which are full of love, mystery, hope, and the true meaning of friendship, the Mail Order Bride books by Karla Gracey are the first ones of individual series. Thus, readers have the option of deciding on which series they would like to continue reading.

The first volume of Faith Creek Brides covers the story of Bryony Shaw who is forced to leave Baltimore to become the nanny of her employers’ son, Edwin. Another important character is Cody Jenkins who secretly longs for a family and a loving wife.

The second story, Sun River Brides, is located in 1900s Boston and focuses on the life of the determined and ambitious city girls and the rugged Montana men who are constantly looking for love. As the town begins to expand, its inhabitants are also getting more restless and start looking for love and adventure.

Silver River Brides details the love story between Amelia and sheriff Byron. Amelia Llewellyn had a wonderful childhood but losing her mom as a girl to illness changed her beyond recognition.

The fourth book, Ruby Springs Brides, focuses on the life of chambermaid Catherine Pinkiss. As her employers are ungrateful and expect too much of all their employees, she takes her chance and replies to an advertisement in the Matrimonial Times.

Author Karla Gracey has always been attracted to historical romance, including mail order bride stories with strong willed women. Readers love her stories because her characters are easy to relate to and each story is full of action, adventure, romance, mystery, suspense and drama.

A satisfied reader said: “I love the way the author presents each character so that you feel you’ve gotten to know them. You can see and feel their struggles and rejoice in their happiness. These are delightful, hope filled stories that leave you feeling fulfilled to have read them. Enjoyable reading.”

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