Maida Vale Italian Restaurant’s Calzone & Goat’s Cheese Pizzas Get 5 Stars

Right to rate announced the launch of new Italian Goats cheese and calzone pizzas in North London beginning Now.

An Italian pizza restaurant based in Maida Vale, North London have just released a new selection of pizzas after conducting comprehensive customer research and responding to growing customer demand.

The following review lays out the full customer journey of one of a local resident who visited the restaurant for the first time following strong recommendation from friends;

The restaurant have been through an interesting journey, their commitment to getting it right meant reaching out to customers to bring in pizzas they didn’t currently offer on the menu. The overwhelming response was a huge demand for calzone and goats cheese – the public spoke and the restaurant acted.

Food lovers looking for Italian pizza can now purchase goats cheese and calzone options, the change in menu is designed to address the most common issues faced by customers when choosing an Italian pizza they love in Maida Vale, North London.

The new selection of tasty pizzas allows more choice and caters for those wanting an authentic calzone or goats cheese topping. There are many successful Italian restaurants in North London and Maida Vale that cater well for meat pizzas, leaving a gap in the market for those looking for other options.

Jay Cruiz, freelance author from the review site had this to say :

“It’s Incredible how the owners listened to customer demand and are committed to catering for this need. There are many vegetarians in London, it can be extremely limiting for many eating out, having a fantastically made vegetarian and goats cheese option is amazing”

This mentality of improving service and catering for their customers is what is apparently making this place a big hit in North London. Being such a new business, they seem to be making waves and building a following very quickly indeed. The approach is refreshing, engaging directly with current customers and shaping the future of the business in line with their needs is a great strategy.

Those interested in seeing what the restaurant’s current service levels are, can go directly to the review here:

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