Maglube Claims MQL Systems Far Superior to Traditional Flood Cooling Systems

Maglube releases a controversial article titled "5 Compelling Reasons to Convert from Flood Coolants to Micro Lubrication Systems", which may cause upset amongst Flood coolant system manufacturers. More information and the article itself can be found at

Maglube has released a potentially eye opening article, “5 Compelling Reasons to Convert from Flood Coolants to Micro Lubrication Systems”, bringing attention to the downfalls and deficiencies of flood coolant systems, compared to 21st century micro lubrication systems and lubricants, as the article may upset manufacturers producing and selling flood cooling systems and coolants.

The blog post is over 1700 words in length and examines the benefits of using minimum quantity lubrication vs. flood cooling. It lays out the compelling reasons realized when converting from coolants to micro lubricant systems for manufacturers and machinists. “Causing controversy is not what we’re about at Maglube, but the facts speak for themselves”, explains a Maglube representative. Certain elements of the article will surely spark discontent among Flood coolant system manufacturers.

Below is a portion of the post, which directly exemplifies the controversial element:

A less common method of industrial lubrication that provides an alternative to the ecologically unfriendly coolant flooding method is known as micro lubrication… or minimum quantity lubrication. This method uses a fraction of the lubricant needed in flood cooling. Additionally, it provides far superior friction reducing results and is extremely effective in eliminating much of the friction, which is what causes the heat in the first place. That combined with the fact that our lubricants are 100% biodegradable makes our MQL method far superior.

A spokesperson for Maglube, Jariah Baldwin, says “Of course Maglube never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our articles is first and foremost to educate machinists and manufacturers of the benefits they can realize by using Maglube MQL systems in there facilities. It is important, however, that we have the chance to provide side by side comparisons to these benefits, as few manufacturers are aware of overall increase in production they can realize.

Although our “5 Compelling Reasons to Convert from Flood Coolants to Micro Lubrication Systems” might unsettle businesses who manufacture and sale flood cooling systems and coolants, our duty is to our readers. We believe it’s more important for us at Maglube to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to manufacturers that aren’t aware of the advantages micro lubrication systems provide, than to please everyone… which is virtually impossible to do nowadays anyway.”

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article gets out there. The competition may not like the results shown, when flood coolants are compared to micro lubricants, but .technology is changing and manufacturers have to adapt and change with it.

Maglube has been providing in-depth articles in the Industrial Manufacturing market for over 10 years, but this one may be tops for creating a stir in the industry. For those readers that like to also have a better visual representation of this subject, you can go here to watch a Maglube video about the MQL process:

Maglube has stated the future aims for Maglube’s website is primarily to inform and educate manufacturers of our MQL systems and lubricants and to make them available online.. So Maglube hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offense was intended.

Maglube’s complete article can be found at

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