Magic Tricks & Sleight of Hand Training DVDs & Streaming Tutorials Launched

Glenn Morphew has launched training DVDs and streaming tutorials on some of his tricks and sleight of hand performances. The DVDs are shot in HD with navigation menus. Many of the DVDs contain the materials required for the performance such as rings, shells and rope.

Magician Glenn Morphew announces the launch of training DVDs and streaming tutorials on some of his popular magic tricks and sleight of hand techniques. The DVDs are available for sale and the tutorials can be accessed at a platform that allows direct access and chapter-wise navigation.

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All the material available for purchase is taken from content that Mr. Morphew uses for his shows and performances. He not only teaches students how to do the tricks, but also ‘why’ they are done a certain way. The teaching is also done from a students’ point of view to ensure absolute clarity on essential aspects such as timing and pre-show preparation.

The content in the DVDs can be used to entertain small groups or large audiences composed of 100 people or more. They can also be used as one-one-one shows in parties or on the street. DVDs for sale include perennials such as the shell sleight of hand trick and the rope and ring trick. Some of the DVDs also contain the actual items required for the tricks such as magicians ropes, steel ring and specially modified shells. The shells are made using a multi-step proprietary method to ensure that they can be easily held and moved and also look attractive.

The Rub-a-dub Deluxe is a DVD that explains playing card vanishes. The content has been shot in HD and has a full menu navigation. It can also be watched on the television or on any computer. The DVD contains minute details such as how to ensure a dry palm, deciding exactly where the card lands in the palm and trouble shooting the most common mistakes, to name just a few aspects.

Glenn Morphew is a regular corporate entertainer and also performs at outdoor events and parties. He says, “I was honored to be selected as a “Pivothead Pro” by the Pivothead Recording Eyeware Company. Pivothead Pros are chosen from a select group of individuals who have a special skill or talent. They consist of hardcore athletes, tough sportsmen, unique and interesting personalities, those with outrageous hobbles or extreme dedication, specialized professionals, artists and people who just do awesome stuff.” Visit the link above for more information on how to place an order.

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