Magic Gift Box Professional Magician Kit & Props With Instructional DVD Launched

The Ultimate Magic Tricks Set is a gift box with props and essential items to perform over 200 magic tricks. All the tricks are explained in a 60 minute DVD. The set includes old classics as well as newer tricks and sleight of hand routines.

Magic Touches announces the relaunch of their popular product, the Ultimate Magic Tricks Set. New stocks of this amazing magic set are now available on Amazon in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The very well put together magic set is designed to provide many hours of fun and entertainment for young and old alike.

For more information visit Magic Touches Magic Website.

The world of magic holds a mysterious attraction for young and old alike. Children from as young as two and three years of age are fascinated by disappearing coins and sleight of hand tricks. Magic sets as gift options increase in popularity around Halloween and peaks around the weekend after Thanksgiving. The Ultimate Magic Tricks Set is made in the USA and packed with over 200 tricks and magic routines. It works well for those at the beginner level and also for those with some knowledge of magic tricks.

The Ultimate Magic Tricks Set is suitable for both boys and girls and makes a good gift at any time of the year. It contains new tricks and also some of the great classics used by professional magicians across the world. The gift set is also good as part of a performance in school or even a casual evening of fun at home.

Most of the tricks are easy to learn even for young children. All the tricks are skillfully demonstrated in a 60 minute instructional DVD that is included with the set. The box does not include the top hat and cape but does include a magic wand. The set includes a Penetration Frame and the classic Houdini-style escape chain. It also has the Goshman Sponge Balls, Rice Bowls, Wonder Blocks, Card decks and much more.

Customers need to place orders early to avoid any possibility of stocks running out. The set does have small parts and the minimum age is 8 years. To place an order or read the reviews visit the website at the link above or visit

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