Magento Dominate Eshop And Ecommerce Platform Market

A walk through some key elements that affect eCommerce conversions and few main elements to consider about Magento store: Knowing what your customers are looking for; Properly merchandising for cross-selling and upsell; Simplifying the checkout process; Segmenting customer base and Choosing the best developers.

Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. Purchased by eBay in early 2011, it continues to be the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the world. There is some amazing information of Magento: over 25% of online businesses in the world choose Magento as their platform; over $25 billion transaction was made each year; over 300 solution & industry partners in the world.

Now, through the statistic of, over 260000 websites are using Magento. Besides, about 1000 websites using Magento are created monthly.

6 Point Checklist Before Launch Successful Magento Shop: 1. Don’t think too much. The faster company gets experience the sooner will make Magento store profitable. 2. Target influencers the right way. One single post by an influencer featuring product can bring in thousands of visitors in the first 24 hours! 3. To reduce cart abandonments, send retargeting emails. 4. Is there any good offer? Highlighting offer will rocket sales. 5. Harness the power of social sharing. 6. Performing well on price comparison pages? Using price comparison on website will boost internet sales.

E-commerce Marketing: What Matters Most When Selecting an Agency

Long years of experience of well reputation agency in the eCommerce platform and innovative ideas will make the competitive marketing strategy for the establishment of online store. To enhance online presence, Magento agency will provide world class Magento SEO services, which includes configuring Google Analytics & Adwords, enabling and modifying Magento SEO features, Google Base, On-Page and Off-Page optimization, Implementing eye catching title and metadata on Magento products. SEO efforts are the real combination of foolproof techniques and innovative ideas that has the power to drive more visitors to Magento store and boost e-commerce sales.

Magento Maintenance

Magento agency Marcelino provides the complete Magento support for clients, required support and maintenance services for the eCommerce online store. For resolving the client’s problems, agency provides support services for email changes, product maintenance, Magento periodical upgrading, template changes, CMS pages, upgrading Magento connect (extensions & plug-ins) modules, managing payment gateways & Google Checkout, handling server changes.

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