Madison WI Medical Massage Therapy – Chronic Pain/Stress Relief Treatment Update

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As more Americans turn to non-pharmacological solutions for both physical and psychological ailments, a Madison, WI-based health center 608-406-8111 announces updated massage services for the management of chronic pain and the relief of stress.

Integrative Health Center LLC’s latest launch expands its comprehensive range of therapy treatments for a wide variety of conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back pain.

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The announcement details the benefits of following an actionable plan for wellness in today’s busy world, prioritizing self-care amid the myriad distractions and stresses of life. The center advocates for a holistic approach to health, providing expert massage to optimize blood flow, relieve pain, and improve energy levels both mentally and physically.

According to WebMD, the art of massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Modern-day services offer clients over 80 styles of therapy, utilizing an array of specialist methods and techniques. Massage has been shown to have a positive effect on conditions as diverse as depression, cancer, fatigue, nausea, spinal disorders, inflammation, and chronic migraines.

Integrative Health Center LLC offers Reiki massage for clients seeking a gentle touch to address their condition. This technique has been shown to aid those suffering from emotional stress while current medical research is investigating its benefits for cancer patients.

Clients can also benefit from Medicinal Lymphatic therapy. This is ideal for both pre and post-surgery patients. Gentle soft tissue palpations enable excess fluid to drain from the body, releasing toxins that have built up over time and can compromise natural anatomical healing processes.

Chair massage services are also available for those seeking a release of tension from their shoulders, neck, and cranium. Short 20 or 30-minute sessions can be fitted in during lunch breaks from work, making them ideal for a rapid physical reset for busy professionals.

About Integrative Health Center LLC

The center, based at 6401 Odana Road in Madison, WI, is the operational base for the highly experienced team of founder Ivonne Ramos, Jenn Bull (Reiki Master) Seth Jensen, and Taylor Adams (Spring 2022) and Gary Kuzynski. The skilled staff offers more than 80 years of combined specialism in massage, reflexology, and a range of neuromuscular and pain management therapies.

A spokesperson says, “We offer therapeutic services to create and enhance your lifestyle of wellness. Our Revitalize Membership Program restores your energy with 2 massages per month to relax and unwind the mind.”

With its latest service updates, Integrative Health Center LLC continues to set the standard for massage and wellness solutions in the Madison, WI area.

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