M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon Announces Premier Executive Protection Services

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M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon Announces Premier Executive Protection Services

Austin, Texas USA, United States – August 4th, 2014 /PressCable/

Global Security and PrivateInvestigation Firm Closes the Gap on Risks and Security Costs Through Intelligent

Prevention and Deterrence Solutions for Individuals and Corporations

M-CAT Enterprises, LLC, announces its full suite of executive

protection services. For high-wealth individuals, corporations, corporate

executives, celebrities and other targeted groups, M-CAT offers preventive risk

assessments, multilingual advance inspection and planning, case-resolving

interviews and covert investigations that complement your current team's

approach, ensuring top-quality on-site protection through prevention, avoidance

and deterrence.

Kidnappings and ransoms (K&Rs) are on the rise according to KR Magazine and News, which means that executive protection services

are becoming even more critical to preventing business and personal risk. All

over the world, black market activities and associated risks are going up. In

its 2013 report, Havoscope estimated annual revenue from black market

activities by order of malfeasance to be $126B in Mexico, with 105,682 K&Rs

and 99 percent of crimes going unreported; black market activities were

estimated at $19.55B in India, $8.4B in Nigeria, $6.42B in Pakistan and

$14.195B in Venezuela. In sixth position, with one of the highest rates of kidnappings

in the world, the United States also makes the list. Kidnappings in the United

States most often involve seizing children and women for human trafficking and

the organ trade. Executives both in the United States and abroad often have beloved

family members abducted. In many situations, as in the cases of John Paul Getty

III (grandson of the multimillionaire oil tycoon), Kevin Wynn (daughter of casino

tycoon Steve Wynn), Charles Lindbergh's son, or Patty Hearst (granddaughter of Hearst Corporation founder

William Randolph Hearst), the assailants had carried out long-term planning that

could have been deterred through a good executive plan.

Losing a family member to violence is unthinkable and has its own high costs. But there are corporate costs as well: Executions

such as the murder of famous fashion designer Gianni Versace cause considerable

disruption, and most businesses do not survive such events. Once valued at $1.5B,

the Versace empire nearly dissolved into bankruptcy after the designer's murder;

its IPO was delayed by eight years. Fortunately, Donna Versace was able to turn

around this magnificent fashion house, but doing so required herculean endurance,

courage and effort. Other businesses haven't been so fortunate. After a tragic

shooting by a disgruntled customer, 55-year-old failed entrepreneur Gian

Luigi Ferri, at the San Francisco law firm Pettit & Martin, the results were terminal. With eight

dead, six wounded and most employees going through major depression treatments

for years (and one employee even committing suicide), this preventable incident

forced the firm to lay off 240 lawyers and close its doors permanently.

The broad impact of the economic downturn has created larger global financial disparities, contributing to the continued

rise of highly profitable (and rarely punished) black market crimes. In this

unstable environment, executive protection services are the key to protecting

your critical business and personal assets. M-CAT's advanced executive

protection services are tax-deductible services that include executive

protection plans, full-scale risk and vulnerability

assessments, HR policy and insurance

reviews, executive transition planning, protection program development, scaled

protective/security/privacy services, threat tracking and analysis, multilingual

collaborative negotiations, high-tech surveillance, on-site investigations,

executive protection interviews, team augmentation, crisis management and communications,

ongoing case reports and expert testimony.

“With today's high-wealth individuals and corporations demanding more, I'm pleased to

expand our leadership in security,” explains M-CAT CEO Anyck Turgeon. “Our certified

and well-trained executive protection professionals are able to help clients protect

their assets physically as well as digitally. We help you focus your time on

your core business activities, reducing your risk exposure and losses

efficiently so you can increase your bottom line.”

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