Lyon Online Shopping VAT Refund App With No Line-Ups For Travellers, Update

Newly updated digital shopping app Wevat saves non-EU travelers to Lyon, France 13 percent of the price of goods and services they buy by getting a VAT refund. The app eliminates document filing, lineups, and other inconveniences that come with traditional VAT refund processing.

The recently expanded multilingual app will be especially useful to travellers spending time in France’s third-largest city. Using the Wevat app, travellers shopping in Lyon can reclaim the VAT they’re charged over the course of their visit by uploading invoices and scanning the total at a Wevat-supported departure kiosk.

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VAT is a value-added tax the French government applies to the sale of goods and services. Businesses collect the VAT from their customers on behalf of the government and then claim it at tax time. Non-EU visitors to France are not responsible for paying this tax and can have it refunded. The newly expanded Wevat app makes this refund-seeking process quick and easy by combining ID information, required proofs of purchase, claimant forms, and desired refund destinations into one 3-step digital process.

Wevat gives travellers up to 23 percent more VAT back with a single, transparent service fee and no foreign exchange fees.

To set up their account, travellers will need to check their eligibility and agree to the app’s terms and conditions before making purchases. For each purchase they make while in France, the Wevat user must request an invoice addressed to Wevat which they photograph and upload onto the app. All purchases amounting to over £100 are eligible for a VAT refund. At the end of their trip, travellers generate and scan the barcode at a Wevat-supported departure point to receive their refund in their desired currency.

Wevat is available for download at the Apple app store and on Google Play. Both online and offline purchases are eligible for a VAT refund, which can be issued to a credit card, via bank transfer, or through Alipay, or WeChat pay. Users can get up-to-date notifications on their refund using the app’s tracker feature. The app also features built-in customer support.

A recent Wevat user says, “The app is convenient, reliable, and simple to use. I don’t have to deal with tons of paperwork or stand in any office lineups to get my refund because Wevat combines everything into one hassle-free form.”

With their recent announcement, the founders of Wevat offer travellers to Lyon and other parts of France the information they need to secure a digital VAT refund 23 percent higher than in-store VAT providers offer.

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