Lynnwood Invisalign Dentist Confident Smiles without Braces

Say goodbye to hiding a smile and hello to Invisalign. Get Lynnwood Invisalign Dentist Confident Smiles without Braces and visit

Lynnwood Invisalign Dentist Confident Smiles without Braces

Say goodbye to hiding a smile and hello to Invisalign. Now is the perfect time to start a journey to a happy, more confident smile! Happy smiles can start the new year with a free consultation to learn how a smile can be transformed by Dr. Robinson and our clinical team.

Choosing Invisalign over other clear aligners – an overview:

Most other clear aligners only focus on straightening teeth, not creating a healthy mouth. Invisalign focuses on every aspect of the mouth to create a healthy bite and beautiful smile.

What people can expect at a first appointment:

First appointments consist of a comprehensive exam focusing on concerns and expectation, with knowledgeable input from Dr. Robinson’s team on how to best achieve the best smile goals.

A device called the iTero Element scanner will take a 3D scan of the teeth to create a custom treatment plan, and even get a sneak peak of what a future smile can look like.

Next is receiving the aligners. The clinical team will go over home care and set up check in appointments and can track the progress and make any adjustments needed along the way.

That’s it! After completing treatment comes that long awaited awesome smile.

People can discover the very best cosmetic dentistry professionals in the long listing of Lynnwood and Edmonds Cosmetic Dentists among the many other top locations of the United States. These experts are really creative and have gone through comprehensive trainings that exposed them to the modern-day way of rebuilding irregular, gapped, and missing tooth dental issues.

And on top of that, these professionals have been exposed in using the most contemporary technologies and devices that guarantees great results with less effort and time.

Clinical and restorative cosmetic dental treatment by Dr. Brent Robinson Family Dentistry. This professional cosmetic dentistry is amongst the really few specialists in his field who have received great reviews.

If Invisalign procedures of any kind or any other reconstructive dental treatment, Dr. Brent Robinson can do the best treatments for his patients. He is the go-to dentist trusted by a lot of individuals who make a living from their beautiful smiles. Smile lifts and image enhancing cosmetic dentistry is one of Dr. Brent Robinson’s specialties. So for that vibrant and effective smile, new patients can simply call his state-of-the-art Lynnwood facility – and bid farewell to irregular smiles.

With almost 20 years of experience Dr. Robinson has seen the true power of a transformed smile. Their are hundreds of happy patients who have made their dream smile a reality!

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