Lyndhurst NJ Chronic Pain Management – Interventional Medicine Services Launched

Core Medical and Wellness (+1-888-521-0688), a regenerative medicine clinic based in Lyndhurst, NJ, has launched new interventional pain management services using a combination of innovative treatments and holistic therapies.

The clinic specializes in the management of chronic pain using an updated range of different treatment options. Through the careful assessment of each individual case, the doctors at Core Medical and Wellness are able to provide a personalized care plan to help eliminate or reduce patients’ pain.

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Providing services to patients in Bergen County and surrounding areas, the clinic is run by a team of pain management experts, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, physical therapists and psychologists.

The clinic offers treatment for a wide range of chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, neck, back or shoulder pain, headaches, scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

Moving away from short-lived conventional pain treatments, Core Medical and Wellness pride themselves on using cutting-edge treatments that help to eliminate or reduce pain long term.

A number of the clinic’s treatments involve using steroid injections which work to reduce the swelling and pressure of inflamed nerves. Steroid medication is an effective way of treating pain without the need for surgery.

Another popular treatment is the Facet Medial Branch Block, a diagnostic procedure used to determine the specific site of joint or back pain. This short procedure in itself can provide pain relief to many patients.

Core Medical and Wellness also offer rheumatology treatments for musculoskeletal diseases and autoimmune conditions such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Idiopathic Inflammatory Myositis.

With the latest announcement, the clinic continues to provide individualized, expert medical care for those suffering from chronic pain conditions.

One satisfied patient said: “The team at Core Medical and Wellness use state-of-the-art treatments with care and precision, and it’s truly made such a difference to my life. I was doubled over with back spasms this weekend that required a trip to Urgent Care. This morning I saw Dr. Kang, and with light sedation and a painless spinal injection, I feel good as new. What a blessing to have such relief and such good medical care.”

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