LXORY Offers Discounts with New Apple Watch and iPhone Dock

Innovator of luxury mobile accessories offers up to 20% discount with its 2-in-1 Apple Watch and iPhone dock, the XStand, fulfilling its promise to deliver great value for less.

Not long after the launch of its latest innovative product, The XStand, LXORY announced two discounts: 10% and 20% off its price. Buyers of the Apple Watch and iPhone dock can use a discount code that can be found on the mobile accessories website to get the 10% discount instantly along with free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. On the other hand, the 20% discount coupon code is emailed to buyers who sign up to receive LXORY’s updates and informative newsletter.

“We wanted to celebrate the addition of a new product to our ever-growing collection of multipurpose mobile accessories,” stated John Dewan “As our clients have always been an important part of our business since day one, we wanted to include them in our celebrations. Therefore, we are offering them the chance to get their hands on our latest iPhone and Apple watch stand for less as long as the offer stands.”

LXORY’s XStand is a 2-in-1 dock that offers tremendous functionality through a modern design. It integrates cord management to securely hold the charger cords of both the Apple Watch and iPhone, tucking them away from sight and keeping users’ desks or nightstands uncluttered. This function, along with the padding, prevents both costly devices from falling off as they charge. The XStand is also QI charger-compatible, accommodating charging pads behind the space designated for the phone. Charging aside, the collapsible stand is travel-friendly, customizable, and capable of accommodating bulky phone cases in addition to the iPhone itself.

The XStand also allows the owners of Apple Watches and iPhones to display their prized tech possessions stylishly. “Flaunting a modern design through black and orange padded strips, our dock is a sleek, modern solution to show off your valuable devices,” added Dewan. “And the best part? It complements the devices without stealing the show from the actual stars. With our current discounts to add, this is one offer Apple device users may find hard to refuse.”

Dewan also highlighted that LXORY is dedicated for value for money, which is why it offers a 30-day, 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. If a buyer is not satisfied with the stand, they are more than welcome to avail this guarantee, no questions asked.

To avail the 10% and 20% while they last, go to the Apple Watch and iPhone dock website.

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