Luxury Scented Ceramic Beads/Candles – Philanthropic Fragrance Collection Launch

Home fragrance brand School of Melts has launched its new Resilience Luxury Collection in honor of underprivileged youth.

The latest launch adds to the online store’s array of unique scent collections—each of which is intended to commemorate the efforts of teachers and their students. The company also offers an assortment of complementary accessories, such as tealight wax warmers and wick trimmers.

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Customers can now visit School of Melts’ website to browse through the newest line, which includes a variety of scented ceramic beads and candles that are named after real students. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to philanthropic organizations that support disadvantaged youth.

The candles featured in the Resilience Luxury Collection are handcrafted from a signature combination of apricot and coconut creme waxes. Patrons can choose from four different fragrances—Briana, Brian, Lorenzo, and Anthony—depending on their personal preferences.

The Briana candle is made from a powerful blend of floral and salty scents. Customers can enjoy hints of nature from fragrances like lily of the valley, jasmine, and wood, as well as the freshness of ozone and sea salt.

The Lorenzo candle, on the other hand, burns a rich, fruity scent, as it includes notes of candied orange, brandy, rosemary, and sweet honey. The fragrance is inspired by a student whose spirited yet charismatic personality helps him handle any challenges that may come his way.

Those who are looking for an alternative to traditional candles can purchase a package of School of Melts’ ceramic beads, which are available in the same four proprietary scents. Customers can simply place 10 to 20 of the fragrance-filled beads on an electric or tealight warmer to fill their home with a long-lasting aroma.

A spokesperson for the company said: “As both a teacher and counselor in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, I have found that in spite of obstacles students face, they are truly resilient. Resilience Luxury Collection candles are named after and inspired by students. Their scents reflect the sentiment we feel from the impact their resiliency has had on us.”

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